Wednesday, December 9, 2009

amazing mood swings

Gabe changes moods on a dime. Sometimes they're dramatic and other times more subtle. I guess that's normal with babies, but it catches me off guard when he was just happy and then decides to be mad randomly! Anyways here are some pics of his various "moods" in about a 2 minute window. You can also admire his adorable new jammies...i love the baby sized (okay toddler sized) pj fun. I had to hike them up so he wouldn't trip on them.

Being sweet. Hi mommy, i walked over to you!

Super excited! He's coming after the musical snow
man he's not allowed to chew on but he thinks he just might get it this time. It plays "we wish you a merry christmas" and gabe loves to bounce along to the music. (does he look like his daddy or what? I've seen a smile like that before!)

Contemplative of the snowstorm ( we got over 6 inches!), and the cord to the window shade I moved up above him. And you can see his cleft chin really well in this picture. That's curtsey of Grandpa Vince.

Unhappy. He is stuck on the wood box and mommy isn't helping him move. He can't walk hands free yet, so he get's stuck in places and then he becomes upset. I'm hoping he holds out on truly "walking" by himself until daddy comes home. 50 days...less than 2 mths!!! For us, Christmas is really happening end of January.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!

Today was Gabe's first snow storm (okay we had a few flurries earlier in the week), but today it's been snowing since noon and still going (it's now 6 pm). So after Gabe ate dinner i decided I'd better take some pics of him in the snow (supposedly it's going to melt right away tomorrow) so bundled him up and sat him outside on the deck. he wasn't quite too sure what was happening...i'm pretty sure he thinks i'm crazy! He warmed up eventually though. And he got to come inside to a nice toasty fire after his winter wonderland photo shoot.
Mommy what is this stuff??

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I just love this guy

Even though it was almost midnight his time, my sweet hubby stayed up to skype with Gabe & I. He was all snuggled in bed trying to stay awake so i snapped a pic! He's the best ! Oh and he claims the pretty floral blanket was army issue...