Saturday, May 29, 2010

Get it sold

We sold our house, we sold our house! In 4 days flat!! Yes there was a month-long saga of details (inspection, appraisal, contracts..etc.) to get to the closing yesterday at 4 pm...but we did it! We moved to Texas, bought our first house, put lots of blood, sweat and tears into it...and sold it almost exactly 2 years later! Not to shabby in this market I'd say!
Michael & I have no regrets..minus that we sold so fast we had to move out earlier than expected. We really came to love that little house with it's nice high ceilings, cozy family room, convenient fenced-in yard for the dogs! It was awesome. I already miss walking there..i had a nice 1.25 mile loop i tried to do twice a day with Gabe & the doggies. Now we are back to socialism in army housing...everything is cookie cutter and has a rule to go with it. Not to mention the fence isn't flush with the ground so Bella could easily escape (they stay inside a lot now)...and the first night there someone stole my nice jogging stroller! DISLIKE!!
Anyways, back to the closing. Our realtor was all smiles...i guess we came out with more $ than expected and she was happy with how clean with left the house for the buyers. They seemed like a really nice couple..and they have a 8.5 mth son whose going to move into the green room (that was Gabe's). I was having a little melancholy on Thursday as i emptied the last of our stuff from the house and cleaned it up...It's hard to leave our first place! But hopefully by August we'll be off on a new adventure to Ft. Leonard wood!

Dinner at Schoepfs! Best Texas-stlye brisket in town!

Yes, more baby bird pics. I find their development fascinating! Besides I'm sure you all secretly enjoy seeing their growth too. This was the last pic i was able to take...we turned over the keys to our house yesterday!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Matteo Graduates!

Get ready for mass quanities of pictures. As all events like this go...we had to do a "TP"(TP= every possible people grouping) and determine every picture combo with Matthew possible. And there was a graduation parade, senior banquet, graduation and commissioning, so naturally there are about a million photos documenting every event!
We had a great time...fabulous weather, good flights with the baby and sweet family bonding time! After 7 years of West Point craziness...the Nulks are finally done! Michael was happy to go back as an old grad and pester some plebes. Good job graduating Matthew and making this blog post possible :)

The corps of cadets marching on. If any of these pics look's because the Nulkanator graduated from here 3 yrs ago and I probably took the same pics. I can't always be creative.

We found Unlcle Matthew and all his hair.

The proud parentals

The current Nulk clan

Matthew and all the girls...and Uncle Ron. He wanted to be with the nice-smelling group :)

Senior banquet..poor Christina just had a wisdom tooth removed earlier in the week and seemed to get dry socket. Thus she is quite drugged in a lot of these pics...but she was a trooper to be dragged around all of west point!

Me & my 1LT (P) ...aka he'll be a captain the next time i post pics!!

Guess who was the speaker?? Can you figure it out?

Class of 2010...dismissed!!


Big smiles all around!

Aww, what pretty sisters Matthew gained through his brothers marrying well.

Being sworn in as an 2LT

Absolutely American

Team America right here.

Throwers and their coach (aka Knut the Norwegian God)

Happy sisters

The grandparentals and their one heir to the throne. ...pressure is on Brian & Greg to produce the next one..... :)

Lots of family came down to celebrate with Matthew

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baby Birdies!

I came home from West Point graduation exhausted and overwhelmed...but i woke up the next morning to a gift: Full-blooming gardenia bushes that make the entire front yard smell delightful...

I also discovered the little baby birds had hatched! I'm SO excited i got to see them before we moved out. I think they just had hatched over the weekend..a few don't have a lot of feathers!

Update on us: we are completely moved out of our Velma house. We packed up the house in 24 hrs and moved into on post housing...this was largely possible due to the amazingness that is Matt Nulk. He totally saved our behinds (well mainly mine..i'm not much help carrying our large pieces of furniture and i think he picked up on my desperation) and helped Michael load up all our stuff and unload it! This was after driving 29 out 33 hrs straight. Anyhow, that's my shout out to him...if he ever reads this: thank you, thank you, thank you! I think between Michael & Matthew i could've filled a bath-tub full of sweat. Yum. Anyhow, big Nulk men are fabulous to have around when you need heavy stuff moved :)
Speaking of yum, we celebrated moving everything by going over to Schoepfs for some delish brisket. We are supposed to close on our house fingers crossed that it all ends well and we get our check and can relax this weekend.
For all of you waiting impatiently for graduation pics (and yes i have a ton) I will post them later...i'm le tired and trying to blog and baby watch..not such a good combo.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Glorious Gardenias

I've been feeding my three gardenia bushes for the past month and no blossoms until yesterday and this morning some blossoms finally bloomed! The bushes are covered with more buds so i think they're going to be amazing..and their fragrance is one of my favorites.
Also, in one of our hanging baskets on the back patio a little finch made a nest and there are 5 perfect little eggs in it. I really hope i get to see my baby birdies before we close...which is in less than two weeks!!

Mama Bird watching from the tree was not happy with my photo sesh. Fear not, no eggs were hurt!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

The Sr. Nulks visited this past Mother's day weekend! We had a great time visiting (showing off home improvements) and relaxing. Micheal made his famous/adopted ribs which were fabulous! On Mother's Day we went to the amazing Lady Bird Wildflower center! It was a perfect was cloudy and cool, Gabe could run around, and we walked around the perfectly manicured grounds deciding Texas is quite pretty!

On another note...we could be in the final weeks of living in our house! Looks like we have a buyer who wants to close by May 30th. We have to work out some kinks with the appraisal but were pretty excited!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hello all!

Sorry the blog has been lame and not updated forever. But can you blame us? We've been trying to sell our house, socialize and work on projects constantly! A few weekends ago my parents came for a visit as did Uncle Greg. I'll reward you all with some pics since it's been so long. Get ready for picture overload!!

32nd Anniversary Dinner for the parents!

Anniversary/Birthday Ice cream cake

Chubbo in the Tubbo

Gabe in Stillhouse Lake with Daddy. Swinging with Gramppy

Gabe & his buddy Holley-pano at the Holley Ranch

Amazing field of Indian Paintbrush wildflowers. Micheal was nice enough to stop and let us take some pics!

Uncle Greg came to visit too! We'll have to photoshop in Uncle WEsdawg