Monday, September 28, 2009


Here's my most recent pic of Michael he managed to send me. He's in his old room at the JSS.

Oregon trip

Okay so get ready for an onslaught of pictures! These are mainly for Michael to experience our trip (and any other blog followers). We spent a week in Springfield, OR hanging out with my Dad's side of the family. We stayed with my Aunt Dee and Uncle Ted. I had the pleasure of being Gabe's wasn't too bad. He actually adjusted to pacific time rather quickly, the only exception was the first morning when he wanted to start his day at 3am! Gabe was an amazing traveler both there and back. Below he's playing in between our luggage at Newark and then next to me on the plane. Gabe had his own seat and car seat which was FABULOUS! so much more comfortable for both gabe and I.

We mainly stayed around Springfield visiting with my Grandma and cousins. It was fun to see everyone, i hadn't seen this family for 5 years. The last time I was out there I had just started talking to Michael on the phone...haha this time i bought out our baby! crazy! Hopefully Michael can meet all these guys someday. I know he'd LOVE oregon. Very hiker/outdoor lover friendly which equals michael's fav place to be! We did manage to sneak in a couple day trips. We drove east towards the lava beds where there is a spectacular view of the Sisters (two big mtns). We stopped first at a fish hatchery for rainbow trout and sturgeon. The rainbow trout were goregous, my pics don't do them justice. The sturgeon were absolutely HUGE!! The big mama fish was probably close to 50 bs! It was fun to see them. Then we ascended 3000 ft to the mtns and lava beds. As you can imagine, between an 8 mth old and nearly 90 yr old, there were numerous stops and bathroom breaks! We had a stroller and walker packed in the van, "opposite ends of life" my mom says :) My grandma really enjoyed meeting her second blood great grandson. He was a little heavy for her to hold, but we got him on her lap a couple times.

The weather was nice and sunny (impressive for oregon). We also took a day trip out to Florence to the coast. We took Gabe to see the Pacific Ocean, very exciting! I've been to that lighthouse many was fun to hike Gabers up there. Well enjoy all the pictures. I hope you can all get a little taste of Oregon- Michael, I can't wait to take you there to explore! We love you and miss you more! xoxo

The girl cousins- Me, Joann and Michelle

Uncle Ted

the 4 generations

See if you can find Gabe! These trees were mammoth! I was trying to show the contrast in size since pictures tend to skew size perception. My mom thinks every tree in oregon could be a christmas tree.

This little chipmunk was a greedy little bugger. He snatched a whole cracker out of my hand! You have to admit, he lives with a pretty sweet view!

Me in front of the sisters. We think there's a hanging glacier between them.

Sweet pic my dad took. Michael, i thought you'd enjoy this one- looks very "wild at heart" inspired :)

Gabe obviously paid for lunch, there he is grabbing the check away from Grandpa

A gorgeous pic of the lighthouse my mom took. Teaser for Michaels! Gabe beat you to Oregon!

Pretty lighthouse. I had to stretch out Gabe's socks because it was chilly by the water :)

At the Heceta Head Lighthouse. Gabe's fist glimpse of the Pacific ocean!

Aunt Mae, Me, My mom and Grandma in Florence

The grandmas with Gabers playing

A happy Gabers at dinner in Portland!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gabe is 8 mths!

Gabe loves to roll across the entire family room now. I had to move out the coffee table because he kept rolling under it!

Bella & Winsty lay on the floor and sniff Gabe while he rolls. Gabe always tries to grab at their ears and noses. He loves them, totally lights up when one of the dogs comes over to sniff his face, it's really cute. He's started to clap now...i havent caught it on camera, but he occasionally will do it.

He's starting to stand up alone (with a little help from the chair)

These are adorable overalls my friend Sonja has bought for Gabe...they're 18mth! He's a big boy!

We both saw Michael on the webcam this morning which was a real treat! He looks great! Gabe was fascinated with watching his daddy on the screen....he smiled, stuck his tongue out, cooed and babbled to him. It was the most I've ever seen Gabe interact with Michael on the webcam. Michael is officially back at CP Liberty and setting up his company really well. He acquired decent housing (PODS=better than a tent) and set up a command center. Were hoping sapper co. can finish up their tour at CP Liberty rather than have to move again. We'll see. Love ya Michaels! xoxo Almost 4 mths left :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sad news


Yesterday I received a call from Afghanistan from a very close friend. At first I was so excited to talk to him, I didn't realize he was calling to relay some horrible news...that Tyler Parten was killed by insurgents on Sept. 10. I was shocked! Tyler was a close buddy of Michael & mine. I believe he and Mike met during summer training before their cow year. Tyler and Mike hit it off and naturally I met him as I visited Michael as much as I could! All three of us got along great...Tyler and I got a long a little too great for Micheal's taste :) but they still remained buddies. Tyler was unable to attend our wedding because he was climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with his brother Daniel (who is in Matthew's class at West Point). He called us from Africa on our wedding day to congratulate us! I'll never forget that. He was a true "Renaissance man" as Micheal described him- good at everything he did and well-liked by everybody. I will truly miss him. We have lost a great solider and friend...please keep his family in your prayers. If you have a loved one in the military...this is your worst nightmare. I can't imagine how devastated his family is. I know he was a wonderful brother and son, extraordinarily close to his family. I had just talked to Tyler online last's hard to believe he's gone. Goodbye Tyler, may you rest in peace.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

R & R

Yay, together again!

Daddy & Gabe out for adk style pizza

Daddy feeding Gabe....i think more got in his mouth than on his face :)

The day Daddy arrived!!! Yay!

Photo shoot in the adks!

Ring ceremony

Well R & R happened....I've never seen 15 days go by so fast! It was hard to say goodbye again but we had such a wonderful time! Michael is safely back at his post once again ready to finish out. At least this time were on the downward slope...only 4.5 mths to go.

Here are some pics from our vacation. We just relaxed, swam, took boat rides, played with Gabe, ate! Ring weekend was a bonus to see all the Nulk-side family. It was so fun and a blessing for all of us to see so many people. We felt very loved and appreciate everything everyone did for us. My favorite was seeing Gabe adn his daddy together again. It was so sweet to see them interact and get to know each other again! I can't wait till we get Daddy back for good, he's a natural :) Gabe is rolling across the room now and trying to drag himself as well. I think crawling is just around the corner...which i'm not entirely sure I'm prepared for.