Thursday, September 29, 2016

September Musings

1. When Wyatt wants you to open a toy or take a lid off something, he comes over and says "Open the doors! Open the doors". I love it. When he falls down, he comes over and says "Bunk ya head, bunk ya head, Mommy rub it". Age 2 is when the absolute cutest little phrases come out. We constantly ask Wyatt to say different things because he's crushing us with his cuteness.

2. Wyatt had his first evaluation by an Orthopedist. Admittedly the doctor was a bit stumped by Wyatt's legs. He called it "contractures of the knees" as a general diagnosis. Wyatt just started physical therapy again and I'm really excited about the therapists there and the facility. I think they're going to be so helpful for Wyatt. What's hard right now is navigating all the medical bills. Makes me yearn for the days of Tricare: Dear CPT Nulk, Your bill is $20,000. Tricare paid $200. Patient responsibiltiy is 0. THIS IS NOT A BILL.  Gosh, I miss those delightful explanation of benefits. But it kinda sets you up to fail in the actual civilian world of healthcare. I feel like I'm constantly saying, "this is probably a stupid question but...". Or, "does this apply to my deductible"? Is there any word more adult than "deductible"? I submit to you there is not!

3. We found out a new nephew is on the way! Yay!!!! Some of us were more excited than others....Poor Evie. She does have two female cousins on Mike's side, but they live in Colorado. Gabe on the other hand, wants ALLLLLL the boys.

4. Gabe was star student last week. He needed 20 printed photos, which forced me to finally order some prints AND pick them up from CVS. I was a little irritated about this "parent homework", but now that I have all these current prints, I'm thrilled. Pics with Wyatt actually in them! It was really a great assignment.  Gabe wrote and illustrated a book last year called "The Green Knight & The Red Knight". I encouraged him to read it to the class as his "talent/something special" thing to present. At first he didn't want to, but in the end he did and we're so proud of him!  I think it's awesome he had the confidence to do that. Then his whole class wrote him letters about the pics/book which were totally awesome and hilarious. "Gabe, that is a cool book that you rote. How long have you livd in Texas"? "Gabe, that foto of u and ur cuzin was so cute." "Dear Gabe: Did you have fun at the dinosaur park? I like your book, I like your pool. I like just you an your mom". <---- Love THAT kid! "Gabe: Gabe is the best, I like his book. Gabe is so cool. I like him. Gabe is my best frend. I like Gabe he is very tall. Gabe is evywans frend. Gabe is great amazing nice cool. Gabe is incredible. And cool. "

There are 18 of these letters and they're all phenomenal. You should all come over just to read these gems. And hear Gabe's book. It's legit...and *spoiler alert* there might be a main character, "The Green Knight" named "Mike".  I'm still waiting for my character reference in a book. It's fine you guys. It's fine. #daddyallthetime

5. Were finally out of the triple digits and it's such a relief. I'll be honest, I'd love for temperatures to plummet 30 degrees (so I can be all "white girl cliche" in the fall), but at least it's bearable and I don't stick to the seat between errands. I have leather seats and a black minivan. SUCH a good color choice for Southern Arizona. In the summer it's basically the same a ripping a giant bandaid off the backs of my thighs when I get out the car. Tucson Probs.

6. On of my favorite things about living at Ft. Carson, were gorgeous views of Cheyenne Mountain in my backyard. I'm so thankful to have beautiful mountain views during my walks again. I also LOVE the quail families here. They scurry across the road and torture the dogs and scold my passe as we walk by. When I'm driving around the neighborhood, there's inevitably a few "suicide quail" who sprint out in front of the van at the last minute. So far no quail deaths. Lets hope I can keep up my braking skills.

7. Evie & I finally got our hair did. Sister sat in that chair like a boss. Still no adult tooth!
 8. Truck has 100000 miles on it! Still running good.

 8. It's amazing how quickly you get spoiled by your husband coming home consistently. He literally didn't have a single business trip in Texas, so I had 18mths straight of solid Nulkie-home-after-work. For his new job, he has at least one trip a month. He's gone a week this time, so it's me on three. It's actually gone pretty well, but I find myself wondering how on earth I did those deployments! And l'm so thankful it's only 1 week.  The days are so long ya'll! I used to internally eye-roll when Mike was active duty and women would complain about their husband's work trips. Like really? He's gone 3 days? How will you survive! BUT NOW I AM THAT PERSON. Being humbled is fun, eh?

 Tubby time.

9. We would appreciate your prayers for Wyatt. He's quite delayed in his gross motor skills- his evaluation showed he was doing what 15 mth old children are doing. We love Wyatt no matter what, but its HARD having a child whose struggling physically. We went through it with Gabe and years of treatment for club foot. He was significantly delayed in his gross motor movements. The we had Evie and she hit all the milestones normally and I was like, Wow, this is what it's like to have a textbook child. Who can do all the things kids her age do. I remember being SO relaxed about her- even in preschool. With Gabe I always felt on the defensive. And now we have Wyatt and there's clearly a genetic component and I feel guilty about my own DNA. Which, yes I understand I have no control over, but it's hard. You feel your kids will be treated differently, maybe even poorly because they're not as coordinated as their peers. Anyways, I'm trying my best to be a good advocate for Wyatt and get his legs straight! He wants to run and jump and do all the things kids his age do, he's just limited by his tight ligaments right now. We know God doesn't make mistakes, and we are so thankful for our precious sons. Just trying to share some of our struggles right now. I mean, maybe Wyatt will be an rockstar orthopedist surgeon some day. Maybe Gabe will be an astronaut because who cares if you're super coordinated in Space? Thanks for listening :). Side Note: Both our boys (and daughter) are smart as whips and I feel like a CIA operative by the end of the day. Outmaneuvering all 3 kids is tricky.  WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERROISTS/TODDLERS. <---That's my parenting style in a nutshell. You're welcome!