Saturday, January 22, 2011

This time last year...

This time last year was the LONGEST WEEK of my life. I was beyond desperate for Michael to come home (it had been 11 1/2 months) and SUPERfrustrated that he was pushed back to the last flight home. I was hovering between tears and anger...and had many irrational thoughts of toilet-papering the battalion xo's house. I remember people telling me that the deployment would "fly by" or "it goes really fast when you stay busy" "2 months down already" "12 is nothing...better than 15 months". All these things, while meant to be encouragement...are insane! I remember thinking to myself, 12 months is a longgggggggggg freaking time! I thought the first 2 months went painfully slow, contrary to all my freinds' opinions. And it sucks! and no matter how busy i am it's a year i never get back with Michael so stop telling me it goes fast. Maybe for some wives it did. It definitely improved when i moved home or  who knows what Michael would have come home to. A ramen eating lifetime-addicted hermit probably!
  Anyway, somehow Gabe & i survived that tortuous week. When he came home on Feb. was the sweetest day ever!  Probably tops our wedding day. Finally that constant worry and fear you carry with you vanishes when you can see they are safe right before your eyes.  I think the deployment was good for us in some made us grow closer as a couple, i became more confident as a mom and keeping things going.  I used to hate dealing with insurance companies...well i was a pro at dealing with Tricare by the time Michael came home. Gabe was a well-adjusted baby....gave up formula and the bottle without a hitch...switched to non-baby food pretty well. Learned how to crawl about 5 seconds after getting back to texas.
 I can't believe that Michael's almost been home a year. It's the time they are home in between deployments that goes fast people...not the actual deployment. Were lucky that we get to have Michael home longer than 12 months...we get him home probably at least till October. Once we move to our next assignment there are no guarantees. In fact the only guarantee is that he will likely deploy again. It is important for Michael's development as an officer and leader that he deploys. I mean, it's what he trains to do...go fight, lead men in combat.
   So those are my reflections today. Things have been pretty slow here. I was sick most of last week and spent my days between the couch and bed. I'm finally starting to feel human again! Michael picked up some cold though, so today he'll be taking it easy. We bought pull-ups and have starting putting Gabe on the potty. He's thrilled to sit on it, but still doesn't do anything. Here's hoping I'll catch him one of these times! he continues to say about 10 new words a day and is starting to put 3 words together in simple sentences like "wash your hands" "brush your hair" "down please" "i love you" or "daddy at work". It's really exciting how much his vocab is expanding. He also shocked me yesterday by counting to 6 all by himself! He continues to be a sweet, energetic lil' guy and we love him to pieces! Hope all is well on your end. sorry no pics! I'll work on some next week!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Somebody turned 2...

Gabe is now 2 years old! We had a nice relaxing birthday. Michael made cowboy coffee cake for b-fast and Gabe also had cinnabun yogurt (which he mainly fed himself). Then we opened presents. We did a little furniture shopping. Gabe took a 3.5 hour nap (mommy took a 2 hr) and then we had his fave dinner (mac n' cheese) which daddy also made. Then gabe demolished a red velvet cupcake! All in all is was a good birthday I'd say!

opening up his first present

check out my crab hat!

Pellican! Gabe's giving it kisses. Thanks Uncle Greg & Aunt TZ

tricycle from Mommy & daddy

 Now that gabe's 2 he can:
-feed himself with a spoon (sometimes) and fork
-tries to say everyone's name
-says "pease" and "dank u" (please and thank you)
-pounds it with everyone
-gives lots of bear hugs and kisses
-sleeps in a "big boy" bed
-loves to listen to music
-loves to be busy busy busy.
-likes to help mommy with the laundry
-repeats the alphabet and counts to 10 (when prompted)
-favorite toys are firetrucks, trains, snowmen and puzzles
-he loves books! we read a pile a day to him
-Is the sweetest little guy in general. Couldn't ask for a better dude! We love you Gabe!

Look, Ma, No Hands!!

upgraded family room arrangement.
new sleeper sofa

Gabe approves the new layout.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Exciting News!

Gabe's gonna be a big brother! We've known for some time now, but were waiting for a positive ultrasound to officially announce it. Yesterday there was a good heartbeat and the baby was a little over 11 wks in size. That gives us a due date of Aug. 2. We are both sooooo excited!

 kisses for his future sibling :)
I'm looking forward to being done with the first trimester and maybe having energy? My "morning sickness" seems to be diminishing..i only tend to feel sick in the evenings now. Which is actually good because Michael can take care of Gabe and i can try to rest.
 Can you believe this little guy will be two on Sunday? He's definitely lost most of his babyness (other than those chubby cheeks) and is becoming more of a toddler everyday! We've have about 6 months to get this kiddo potty trained before the next one arrives. Wish us luck!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Tornado Damage!

someone captured a pic of the tornado coming in


As I'm sure most of you know, Fort Leonard Wood was hit but a EF-3 tornado on New Year's Eve. For those of you who don't use facebook, here are some pictures of the damage. We live on sibert we literally JUST missed the main path of the tornado. We are very blessed our house is okay!  Our neighbors who live across the street had a lot more damage than us.

 View from our front yard. These are the backs of houses on Goethals.

 Most people were away for the holidays so the houses that were hit the worst were empty. Only four minor injuries. But now these people came back to no house and all their possessions destroyed.