Sunday, June 28, 2009

SAPPER Updates

Captain Shaw (Mike's new company commander) sends out weekly updates about the company. I think they're wonderful! It's so great to be given info about how our guys are i decided to cut and paste them on here so you all can enjoy! Here's the latest news:

28 June – JSS Nasar Wa Salam
This past week SAPPER Company made use of the smalls arms range that we have on the JSS and took the time to zero and qualify a majority of the Soldiers. With temperatures hovering around 115 degrees, we spent two days out on the range, making sure all the Sappers were qualified. As the saying goes, “train as you fight” and we certainly did. As missions do not stop over here because of the heat, we kept on training, keeping an eye on all the Soldiers and making sure we had plenty of water and ice.
Red platoon returned to the JSS after completing their mission at CP Taji. Working with the civilians from MANTCH, Red platoon took six route clearance vehicles, repaired them and drove them to CP Liberty. Along with SGT Wienke, and PV2 Xiong, LT Nulk will be moving these vehicles around CP Liberty in order to get various upgrades completed in the shortest amount of time so we can begin training, and then on to using that equipment for missions. We are trying to anticipate a mission change for Red platoon. Although we do not have any official word, we have to make sure they are trained and the equipment is ready to move for when we get the call.
We have had a few dust storms in the last two weeks. The first one two weeks ago, caused us to cancel our missions. White platoon could barely see the road they were trying to clear. After a mile we had them go back to Liberty (where they started) and prepare for the next night instead. Not uncommon to have dust storms over, it is one of the many reasons we require all Soldiers to were eye protection when outside.
In the coming week CPL Ngov and SPC Salacieli will be at the Citizenship Ceremony being held at the Al Faw Palace on CP Liberty. Later that same day we are planning another BBQ here at the JSS. 1SG has already been trying to get hamburgers and steak for the entire company.
Hope you are all doing well at home. Have a Happy 4th of July. SAPPERS!
CPT Pete Shaw

New Michael pics

Michael's camera broke so he mailed it back to me and I inherited all his pics from Iraq so far. So here are a few new ones of him to enjoy...I'm not sure where they are all from, maybe he can explain them later.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Second New Mex trip

Gabe & I adventured out to New Mex for the second time in 3 mths to attend Danny & Rose' wedding and see the Nulk fam. Aside from the most stressful plane rides of my life the trip was a great success! Gabe did wonderful, smiling, blowing raspberries and laughing up a storm. He was rolling a bit too, and trying to eat his feet. Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Ron hadn't seen him since 10 days old, so they were pretty amazed at his development. He also met Uncle Bill for the first time, albeit it was a brief encounter. Congrats to Danny & Rose who had a beautiful wedding and fun reception. We wish you all the best! Marriage is a lot of work but it has tons of pay off! I can't wait to get my hubby back! Gabe was my studly date- he did great during both events, even danced a bit with the grandparents! We obviously missed our favorite Nulkie (love ya michaels!) but the two bros did a great job of helping out and including Gabe & I. Thanks everyone for a great trip- hopefully next time I'll have my Nulk with me so we don't have to keep explaining that Gabe isn't someone else's baby (aka Matthew or Brian's)! Michael here are some pics for you to enjoy. PS Happy Late Father's Day and 24th. We'll celebrate properly in 53 days. I sat behind 3 soldiers coming to Albany for their r & r and i got so excited that you'll be doing the Atalanta-ny flight very soon! The flight attendant was a shameless flirt with the joes, she hooked them up with free beer and snacks, and when she sat in one of their laps i said to her, "i hope my husband doesn't get you on his flight to Albany because i want to be the first blonde that sits in his lap!" She found that hilarious and asked your name so she could make sure she didn't. So basically watch out for a flight attendant named Dixie! x0x0

Friday, June 12, 2009

Michael Update

Here are some recent pics of my handsome husband for you all to enjoy! I'm not sure if he sent all these to you in email, but here they are again to admire :) We love you Michael, still lookin' good all the way in Iraq!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Two years ago today we said "I do"..and it's been a fantastic whirlwind! I can't believe how much we've done, what we've been through. We went from Missouri to Texas, finished a masters and BOLC II & III, got dogs, bought a house, promoted to 1LT, then had a baby and then deployed! Michael & I have sure been busy! I love you, sweet husband :) Can't wait to give you a proper congratulations hug and kiss in august!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bye bye Bandog

As I'm sure you all know, Mike has officially left Bandog company and is now the sapper XO for the Engineer company (his address is the same but change the "B" to "E" on all your boxes and letters..etc.) He has done a fantastic job leading his platoon for almost 13 mths and I'm sure they are all sorry to see him go. We are so proud of him over here! I remember when he was given this platoon they told him he'd probably only keep it for about 3 mths and here we are over a year later! That just goes to show you how hard work pays off and what a great leader he is! We are both excited for him to be in an actual Engineer company, and we'd appreciate all your continued prayer and support as he takes on this new challenge.
In other news, we opened the cabin for the season this weekend. My cousin Luke came up from Buffalo to help my Dad put in the dock. Greg & Wes also came, so it was fun to have the gang together again. It made me that much more excited to have Michael there again, who was very much missed. The weather was beautiful on Saturday so we laid in the sun, walked a bit, some of us braver people actually jumped in the water! Gabers had a great time and the dogs were in paradise.

The pics are: Mike with the Bandog officers at our company Christmas party. Gabers at the cabin, gabe with Luke, gabe in his new child carrier, a view of the Lakehouse from across the cove, Winsty swimming in Paradox lake during our walk, and a beautiful butterfly I was able to get a pic of! We LOVE you Michaels!