Friday, December 16, 2011

Soldier's Silent Night.wmv

Get out your tissue box. This is a good one! I'm thankful we get to spend this Christmas with Michael, but thinking of all my friends whose husbands are away serving. May God bless them this Christmas season! Also pray for this guy. I believe he was a classmate of Matthew's.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Check out G-unit. Yesterday i think i left my brain in bed. I thought a christmas party started an hour later than it did and i served spaghetti and stuffing balls thinking they were meat balls. Not my best dinner. The pillsbury bread sticks couldn't even redeem it.
Evie had her 4 mth shots this morning. She was a trooper...barely even cried. Those chunky thighs are good for something! Block leave officially starts tomorrow when Michael gets home. Amen! No army business till jan 4th. And we head to NY on Tuesday. I.cant. wait!! I have this dinner cooking right now. Do yourself a favor and make it sometime. It's delish. Pretty much anything with corn bread involved is awesome.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

4 Months!

Happy FOUR mths to my lil' chunkerface! We love you SOOOOO much Evinator!
 You are the most beautiful baby girl! My own little pink baby :)

 We like to be matchy-matchy
Currently Evie is:
-sucking on her hands, burp cloths, and daddy's fingers. Will absolutley NOT take a pacifier.
-grabbing at toys either above or next to her
-cooing, smiling and laughing
-staying awake longer between feedings...1-2 hrs now.
-kicks up her legs and rolls from side to side ocassionally. Hasn't completely rolled yet...she will if you give her a finger for help.
-Started on solids. We've tried rice cereal mixed with pumped milk the last few mornings. She did better today than yesterday. She smiles through the whole feeding and spits out most of what you shove in with a spoon. We think she actually swallowed some today because she didn't fuss afterwards.
-not crazy about hats or matter how hard i try to arrange them on her head properly, she'll have that sucker down over her eyes in a matter of mins. Hoods too.
-wonderful sleeper. Sleeps a solid 9-10 hrs a night and usually takes 3 or 4 naps a day. Go babywise! Seriously if you're having trouble getting your baby to that book. It's SUPER helpful and encouraging.
-has the most delightful disposition! She's just a pleasure to be around. We fight over who gets to hold her!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the latest

 Yesterday was interesting. Tuesday is story time at the on-post library so i got off the phone with my mom to get myself dressed and feed Evie. Was about 20 mins till story time began so naturally i was running behind and hustling to get Gabe ready and Evie strapped in her car seat. Then (as is usually the case when i'm  late) Evie did a massive blowout! Were talking a level-ten wiper people. So i get her all changed and cleaned, rush to get Gabe in his booster seat when i realize the booster seat is in the truck. Which Michael took to work. I debate for a good five mins about just buckling him in and going over but NO, i did not. Too many MPs around this post. With my luck i'd get a big old ticket. Bummer. No story time for us. So i decide well the kids are all bundled up lets go for a walk. I go to put the shock collars on the dogs and their not charged. Dangit! Fail again. So we had to un-bundle ourselves and wait 20 mins for the collars to charge. Finally everyone was ready  and in the car (yes i drove gabe across the busy street with no booster, call the mom-police) and we took a walk at Ironhorse park  in the 20 degree weather. I was the only hardcore dog-walker out there. Gabe was rockin' his snowsuit and Evie was cocooned in many layers of blankets in her car seat. She promptly fell asleep.
 Here's a convo from our walk:
Gabe: "Mommy don't walk in snow. It's swippery. Mommy no walk in snow, it's swippery. Mommy no walk in snow, it's swippery. I get down now mommy. I go in snow".
Me "Okay gabe, i'm trying not to walk in the snow. You need to ride in the stroller right now".
Gabe: "Mommy go fast. You going slow Mommy."
Me: "Well Gabe you and Evie are heavy. I'm trying to walk as fast as i can".
"Mommy look over dere. Dere's bunny rabbit right dere! Right dere in garden!"
"Wow Gabe good eye! I don't think that's a bunny rabbit though. Maybe it's a praire dog or a ground hog. What do you think it is?"
 "Umm, probably dats a cow."
"I don't think that's a cow. It's too little to be a cow".
 "Oh. Probably dats a horse den."
 "No, it's too little to be a horse."
 "Oh. probably dats a praire dog. or maybe a groundhog. wet's go in park mommy. wet's go in park. You did a whole walk mommy. good job mommy! good job walking in park! "

He's a good motivator. And he talks the ENTIRE walk :)

pic from our hike a few weeks ago. Evie's first hike! I think everyone should hike in footie pajamas

 Gabe playing in the park today. He loves to pick up sticks and "clean" the snow.
 Gang's all here.
 Cutieface. She's into sucking on cloth things. She loves to grab burp clothes and suck on them. And she chews on her hands constantly.

Hi Mommy! This is my second outfit after another stage-10 blowout this morning! She's keeping me in the laundry business..yesterday she had 2 massive ones.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


 Some big happenings in the Nulk house. And no, I'm not preggo again. But there will be NO MORE BLONDE JOKES this year. I decided to go back to my natural color. Ahnika already beat me to the punch, but i had been planning on ending highlighting for awhile. Just needed the opportunity (aka Nulkie home to watch the kiddos) to spend 3 hrs in the salon. Anyways here's the result.
 Michael calls this my mirror face.
 My fav accessory
I also got side-swept bangs again. I've been blonde for so long sometimes it freaks me out when i look in the mirror, like wow I'm really greasy today. Oh wait, i dyed my hair back to my "natural" color...whatever that means after 10 years of highlighting and sun-in. But i'm pretty happy with it. No more ugly roots.

 just finished lunch. mmmm

 In other news, Nulkie made a the MAC family. He picked up a Macbook pro this weekend. I have to say, it's pretty BA Baracas. Our other HP crapped out and Nulkie needed a newbie for deployments and whatnot.We feel so posh now.
 The gabe-be-good face by Daddy.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

 Nulkaritas, taquitos and queso....a good new mexican fiesta!
 Seating for twelve...good thing our new table extends to 10 feet. Thanks for the pretty centerpiece Mom!
 Daddy's popular after being away for a month

 23.9 lb bird

 Matthew's promotion ceremony to 1LT

 Post-thanksgiving day greasiness/sleepiness? Check.
Gabe dancing with Kit Carson

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Gabe is certainly kickin' my butt in this stage of life...terrible twos are no joke people. I never thought my 3 month old would be the easy one! BUT with the bad comes the good, cute, sweet and hilarious. I still catch glimpes of that sweet baby he used to be. Like yesterday when I went into to Gabe's room to get him up from his nap he says to me "I'm so glad you're here Mommy!" And then he repeated that to me about 4 times. Melt my heart!
Today was a high of 38 but it was sunny and not windy at all so I bundled up the baby and Gabe and headed over to Iron horse park. I made Gabe walk quite a bit before we made it to the actual playground area.We had to get our "cexercize". He picked up a stick was playing in the grassy area which he called the "garden". Once we made it over to the playground there were of course no other kids there. I'm always hoping there will be...Gabe is kinda bummed when there aren't. Well things were looking bleak for the first 10 mins until a mom and two little girls showed up...then another mom and daughter arrived! Gabe was thrilled. The one girl was 5, named Sophia and she LOVED Gabe. Ran right up to him. Their converstaions were freakin' hilarious. First Gabe sees her and yells to me "Wook mommy, dere's a wittle girl" which she proceeds to correct "no, i'm 5, i'm a big girl". Then Gabe points to me (I was standing with the stroller) and says, "that's baby sister, right dere (there)". She goes, "that person in the blue coat is your baby sister? She's big". Gabe says "that's mommy. that's mommy in blue coat". Then i tell him to tell her his name. "Gabe" Then he says, "i'm prodigcal son! I'm prodigal son!" The poor girl didn't know what to think so she just moved on to playing. I've been reading that story to him recently so i guess that's what he thinks he is or something. Later they were on the swings. Sophia kept pointing to the black dog with her mom saying "that's my dog, that's my dog". Gabe of course echos everything so he says back to her "that's my dog, that's my dog". "No, that's my dog, it's not your dog". "that's my dog!" "You shouldn't say that. It's my dog". Then he started saying "that's my swing. that's my swing". Well Sophia thought he was calling her dog a swing so she was none too pleased, "you shouldn't call my dog a swing. she's a dog. that's mean." Eventually i had to intervene because Gabe kept saying "that's my swing" repeatedly and Sophia was getting pretty ticked. But i guess she had fun enough because she threw a fit when it was time to go and said she'd be back every day to play with Gabe. He followed her around the whole playground and copied everything she did. It was pretty cute. I was SO blessed that little girl showed was pretty much a free play date for Gabe. No  I didn't get to befriend the mother...she was on her cell and her body language said "leave me alone" i stayed with Evie and supervised the kids.  It was still awesome. Anything that entertains Gabe and burns off some of his energy is win win for both of us.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011


 Sometimes tummy time is okay.
 Hot tub with a mountain view. The sr. nulk's backyard just got that much more exciting!!

 Bella enjoyed the fountain. Winston chewed up the rubber hose to their new sprinkler system and proceeded to throw up chunks of it for the next 3 nights. Lets just say he's not on my fav dog list right now.

 I may say "no" to everything else but i'm happy to hold baby sister!

 Evie's version of giving kisses.
 Yay Mom! I'm 3 months old today!

 resting her face on her jowels!
Enough pics Mom!

Well we just had a very nice visit in New Mexico! Now were back in Ft. Carson waiting (im)patiently for Michael to come home...we have about a week left but whose counting. Evie is just thriving. She's bringing her hands to her face and will grab burp cloths and suck on them. She's starting to giggle a bit too. We just love her to pieces! Now her brother...he's another story!We love him too..but he is certainly two that's for sure! He is affectionate, active and SASSY! His favorite word/answer/expression is "no". I pretty much tune it out since it's his only response. Although i think he does the same to me since i have to be the "no" police constantly and he doesn't listen. UGH. Anyhow we do have a lot of good times and the things he comes up with are hilarious. Hope you all are having nice a nice November!