Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vacay: Part II- Brian & Christina's Wedding Extravaganza!

On Thurs. Feb 18th, Gabe, Michael & i packed up the truck again to head straight north to Colorado Springs for Brian's wedding! We left at 0630 (which impressed certain in-laws of mine :) and made it up to the Cheyenne Mtn. resort by early afternoon. The weekend was jam-packed with tons of visiting, eating, drinking... etc. Lots of family flew in who had never met Gabe before. And let me tell you, aside from the bride & groom, he totally stole the show! He was friendly to everyone, being his usual charming self. We had a great time with everyone. I agreed with Aunt Carolyn that Michael should be on the cover of GQ, seriously who looks that good in a suit? :)

The groom looked dashing and the bride beautiful, and freshly fallen snow gave them the perfect setting for a lovely winter wedding. The bride even hooked up Michael and i with a babysitter allowing us to thoroughly enjoy the wedding/reception! We are totally jealous of their dancing moves and plan to learn to two-step via u-tube as soon as my cowboy boots come in. Anywho enjoy the pics! Colorado springs is so gorgeous, Michael is seriously hoping we could be posted there next. Cross your fingers!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vacation: Part I

Gramps & Grammy

View up in the santa fe mtns.

our lil' amazing travelin' baby!

Snow in the texas wind farms

Michael, Gabe, Bella, Winsty & I all packed up and hit the road for New Mex on feb 11th at 0645!! We left in pouring rain which switched to ice and snow for most of the drive of texas. Yes, tehas does get snow, who knew? Once we crossed the boarder into NM the weather cleared and was nice and sunny. We made it to Mike's parents by that evening and relaxed the next day, trying to recover from 14 hrs in the car. Yes, 700 miles to just to get to the next state. Texas is HUGE!!!

On Saturday (after a delish brunch whipped up by Mary) Mike & I left Gabriel in the capable eager hands of his grandparents and headed Santa Fe for a romantic childless valentine's weekend getaway (keyword = childless)! It was a blast! Ahh i've missed the days of sleeping in! Michael had reserved us a room in the El Dorado on the top floor...very swank! So we enjoyed perusing the plaza, checking out entirely too expensive pieces of art, bought some turquoise...soaked in the rooftop jacuzzi and enjoyed complimentary champagne and choc-covered strawberries. Oh we also had a couples massage sesh. SO great! The next morning we snow-shoed up in the santa fe mtns in a gorgeous aspen grove! I got to test out my new snow shoes (thanks honey!) and Michael enjoyed being in the outdoors. We had a fabulous dinner at Rio Chamas (a legit steak place recommended by the local knife salesman) on Valentine's Day and then went to see the movie Valentine's Day. we thought it was cute. Michael liked it more than Dear john, so i guess that's good. I'll report on Brian & Christina's wedding next update. For now, I'm gonna go relax with my hubby (yay! so excited i can say that now!) and watch some DVR action.

This is Cafe Pasquals. Apparently it's all the rage. WE didn't understand the menu and were seated so close to our neighbors that we left. And had a delish meal at the Blue Corn Cafe. I guess were not enlightened enough to eat at Pasquals or something.

Snow shoeing in the aspen grove!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

PTSD- Post Traumatic Spending Disorder

A year of living in the dessert daydreaming about what we (he) can spend our (his) hard earned savings ended in this!! A Ford F150 xlt chrome edition truck. And a really nice cell phone. I guess we can now officially claim to be Texans with our big honkin' truck! I think Nulkie may have chosen this color to bring out the blue in his eyes...or Gabe's! Anywho, it's totally awesome and were are verryyy excited about it.

As i'm blogging Michael is giving Gabe his nightime milk and reading him a bedtime story. It is soooo great having Daddy around! Finally being an actual geographic family is completely wonderful!! I'll leave you with these pics of Daddy and Gabe with our new purchase :)