Monday, October 6, 2014

 About three weeks ago we took a day trip out to Maroon Bells. It was peak color on the 3.5 hr drive out there. This was the view at Twin Lakes- Michael indulgently stopped for me to snap a few pics of the Aspens reflecting on the lake.

 Another view on the drive. You can also see our dirty windshield.
These three mule deer were the only wildlife we spotted.

 When we first arrived at Maroon Bells it was rainy and windy. That's a big bummer when your kids have been cooped up in the car for 4 hrs and you promised them a fun adventure hike. We bundled them up in what we had and let them explore in the rain anyways.

 We had a picnic in the truck and hung out until the heavy rain subsided. Eventually the clouds lifted and we got to see both Bells framed by the glorious golden aspens.

 My lens had a water spot here. I had to keep cleaning/drying it off from the rain.

 We did a small hike. Can you find Wyatt in this pic? Part of the lake hike was closed off because two active Bull Moose are in the area. We didn't see them but i guess they can be pretty aggressive right now.
 I love how the leaves look like they're glowing
 Beaver lodge with quite a few active beavers.

 Our patience was rewarded with this view right before we left. I can't decide if these mtns look prettier in the spring with all the wildflowers, or in fall framed by gold aspens!

 Spotting some fish
I could not stop taking pic of this view. Glorious!
Mike literally drove all the way there an back. Thanks Honey! Wyatt successfully spit up or blew out on every outfit/blanket i brought on this trip. By the end he was just wrapped in a dirty outfit with the least wet blanket! But aside from that he slept the whole trip and was great!  I'm so happy we did it! If you ever visit Colorado you should definitely go to Aspen and Maroon Bells. I think it's one of the most beautiful places on earth!