Friday, February 27, 2009

Pretty baby

Here's Gabers looking cute in his stroller and cradle. Look how much he fills up the cradle now! It swallowed him up before. we love you michaels! The nemo pic is him at 6 weeks, he's gonna outgrow nemo soon.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cheeky baby

Here's the latest pics of Gabe. He loves crusin' in his stroller- he's started to stay awake and look around. My mom bought 120 bears on clearance for Operation Christmas Child..we had to pile them around Gabe..he slept through the whole thing! We went out to tea with Alexis and her mom, Gabe was wonderful and slept the entire lunch. Then we took him to a park on the Salado creek where I had to wake him up to eat, that;s why he has a silly expression on his face- he was happy snoozin and didn't want to be disturbed. This Sunday the doggies got hair cuts- they look like new dogs! They're all clean and soft with clipped nails! Definately well worth the cost. Then we went to Leslie's where the girls through a "Welcome Gabe" shower for me! It was great, everyone brought me diapers, wipes and formula-things I need all the time and go through rapidly. It was very fun, Gabe did great, looked around, let people hold him. He finally was cranky at the end when it was time to go home. We love you Michaels!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Look at how big I am- I've outgrown my little newborn outfits!
I love to walk in my Baby carrier!

But I miss daddy! Look here he is halfway around the world!

Look Daddy I'm One month old today!

First time at the zoo and One Month old!

Well we've had a busy last few days. Last Friday was fantastic weather (75 and sunny) so we decided go check out the Waco Zoo. It turned out to be awesome- it was like walking through a beautifully manicured park with exotic animals. The landscaping was gorgeous, there was barely anyone there and all the animals were moving around! Gabe was appropriately dressed in his onesie that says "What's that Smell?" picked out by Daddy. He slept through the whole experience, we'll have to go back when Michael's returned home. Then we ended the day eating at a steak place on the lovely river. Gabe was an excellent date. Saturday was Valentine's day and Gabriel received his first Valentine from Grandpa & Grandma Nulk! I received a gorgeous bouquet of roses & cala lillies from my sweet hubby! We certainly missed Michael but the day went okay. I also went out for dinner with a bunch of girls while my parents babysat the lil' man. Monday was Gabe's 1 month birthday! I can't believe how big he is already! He's doing fantastic, eating like a champ and handles the casting like a real trooper. He officailly out grew his newborn sized outfits. I have to put him in 0-3 month now, he's too long for the tiny stuff. And to think the newborn clothes used to swim on him the first two weeks! The orthopedist says Gabe is the longest one month old with the longest feet he's ever seen! That makes sense when you think of his Daddy's size 14 foot! Well that's all for now, enjoy the pics. We love you Michael and miss you more!