Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Christmas 2015

Hey look it's the end of January and I'm finally getting some Christmas pics up on the blog. WHATEVER, you guys! 

The Texas Nulks (Us) hosted Christmas in our new house. I think the best way to "break in" a new place is have lots of company for a visit! It was so special to have family in town, and more importantly, to meet our sweet little nephew Nathan…aka Natertot. 

Mom started the vacay off with a bang by handing out these gems. Settlers shirts, what could be better? Nothing. The ultimate goal is to #getyournameinthebox. If you don't play Settlers, you should immediately purchase your own game and start learning how to play. It's addicting! Mike & I may or may not meet new couples and do the "settlers" test on them. Do you play Settlers? No? Bummer. Clearly this friendship isn't meant to be. Those who Settlers together stay together.

We were all JUST A LITTLE obsessed with Natertot. We had to restrain certain Nulk children from over-loving on him. But he's sooo cute. My favorite line from Evie: "Aww look at his butt! He has a cute butt!".
Nathan was the only one to smile nice for pictures. Trying to get all four grandchildren to smile for a picture is not for the feint of heart. And it's not necessarily the babies that are difficult. Side eyes at you GABE & EVIE. Just smile at the camera, we'll give you cookies! #bribery #squadgoals
Nate will smile any time, any place. Wyatt's enthusiasm here is palpable. #gameface
We did our own Christmas Eve service at home. Evie set up the nativity, Michael read the Christmas Story and then we sang carols (led by Evie). It was actually perfect.
Christmas Morning bright and early! 6am! Pilons (and TX Nulks) REALLY love us some coffee, so we naturally went through 2-3 pots a day.  Helps fuel the fun. Also goes GREAT with Christmas cookies. GET IN MY BELLY

 That's a pretty legit pile of presents.

 Mike & I LOVE putting the leaf in our table and filling it up with family! We had "Thanksgiving Food" for Christmas. I even used my China & crystal. And Great Grandma sent Pindar Winter White, (from Long Island) which is a family favorite.
This is Natertot crawling towards me. I mean I can't even handle him. #obsessed
Twinsies! Wyatt's tweeting about his Christmas loot.
Here is Evie with Saige (American girl doll) and Uncle Wesdawg with his jellybellys. I think I'm more excited about her American girl doll than her. I still remember the Christmas I got Samantha. And if you try to say Felicity had better clothes….NO WAY. I'm so glad American Girl brought Samantha back. Seriously.
The immense loads baby gear we have is finally paying off! Give us all the babies!
Gabe's Christmas was pretty much a combo of Legos and Star Wars. In this picture they're building the epic scene of Luke Skywalker vs. Emperor Palpatine in Episode 6. Then we went to Star Wars Episode 7 which pretty much rocked our world. Gabe was constantly asking "who wants to have a lightsaber fight with me?". That's what UNCLES are for!!
We look so alike! #Nope #Not at all
More quad squad. Again, Natertot nails that smile. Wyatt…not so much
 This pic was taken about an hour before the tornado hit and we were all hovering in the closet under the stairs.
 Good looking group right there. And hooray for the power back on.
Side Note: We're very thankful our house wasn't damaged in the tornado, but we were about 2 blocks away from it's path. All around our neighborhood is severely damaged. Be praying for the 200+ families whose homes were destroyed.
 My favorite people <3
Blue eyes all around. If Nate was up for it, Evie would've held him ALL DAY. Gabe too! Okay me three. They were very sweet with him.

Thanks everyone for traveling to visit! We love you guys! Come visit again!!