Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Evie & Gabe do breakfast

Evie's name should be changed to peaches. I kid you not this child inhales them! She eats 1-2 a day. Lets just say her bowls are working jsutttt fine! We've been buying these white peaches at the farmer's market and they are so sweet and delicious it's like eating candy. I put them on everything- salad, cereal, ice cream...ya know, the healthy stuff.

Gabe's doing okay. Still mr. sassy pants. We started this homeschool pre-school program and so far it's pretty fun. It has a weekly curriculum that includes stories, crafts, songs and a bible verse. Yesterday we read "5 little Ducks" and learned the song and made 5 ducky cut outs to learn basic addition and subtraction. Gabe catches on quick that's for sure! We also read about Creation, so we made a poster with the sun, moon and stars. So Gabe can read the words, "SUN", "MOON" and "STARS". So cool to see him read words!

We were headed to the cabin this afternoon. It's gonna be our last week up there and the weather looks great. On September 13th Gabe starts swim lessons at the YMCA. Apparently as the spouse of a deployed soldier, i get full a YMCA membership for free! On Sept 11 we start up our MOMS group again so were looking forward to that. It feels really good to be on the final third of this deployment. I could say it's gone "fast" but it's still 9 mths i don't see my husband. And i miss him. Simple as that. He's slated to take command of the sappers very soon and we are oh so proud of him. The sappers are scoring an amazing leader! I can't wait to see Nulkie in action :) Or in person, for that matter!!! Hope this update finds you well. I'll try to be a better blogger in the fall when were actually home in albany.

Monday, August 13, 2012