Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Adirondacks- Part 3

 entering the Wild Center
 Gabe had a blast

 eive even enjoyed it! She loved looking at the otters
 it's like i paid them to swim over and look at her!

 classic Gabe moose pose

 Porcupine names "stickley"

 Gabe's tired

ardirondacks- part 2

 Justin Morgan's horse

 baby horses!
 this mama and foal came right over to us. It took everything in Gabe not to touch them because there were signs everywhere "do not pet horses".

 Gabe got to pet Thunder after we asked permission.
 The man in the tan shirt was named Steve and he was so kind to Gabe. He asked Gabe to send daddy a special message and thank him for his service
 Thunder in action. What a magnificent animal
 Obligatory stop at Dakin Farm
 picnic time
 first ski in 2 years
 the water is super low
 early morning hike on my mom's bday

 Baby Heisman

Adirondack Time- part 1

 Fort Ticonderoga- an important american victory during the American Revolution. Gabe learned about Ethan Allen and the Green Mtn Boys. He asked if the "gween mountain boys" were from "Cheyenne mountain.
 Evie dressed color-appropriately for her first visit to a historic fort

 We love cannons!

 I'm so proud of myself, now that i can pull up on things! And i stand hands free for up to 10 secs at a time.

 jr. officer quarters back in the 1700s.

 fife and drum corps. Gabe was marching all over after that which a stick as and leading us around

 Gaby Crockett
 What, it's 90 degrees you say? Well i guess we'll just have a nice refreshing swim!

 my swimmin' machine

 floating beauty
 i caught a frog!

 why play with the expensive toys mom buys me when i can haul around water jugs?
morgan horse farm!