Thursday, April 19, 2012

 Sunday. Other known as the one day i try to look nice. Except my hair is greasy-looking for some reason.
 i wish fat rolls could look this cute on me!
 TP photography

 It was 90 degrees Monday. Which was very fortunate because my baby looks FABULOUS in her tutu-bathing suit.
 Post-dog washing play. Gabe is looking SUPER please to be photographed.
 clean dogs!
 Hey look it's my birthday. I'm 27 today! I requested a carvel ice cream cake and yes I did have 2 pieces. So did Gabe. It's amazing how it's like pulling teeth to get this kid to eat meals...yet sudden;y when there's ice cream- he's starving. You're not foolin' anybody big guy. Lets just say there were some birthday spanks given out today and they weren't for me. Also, if you haven't had a carvel ice cream cake, you haven't lived. I might not be good at a lot, but i know me some ice cream. And cake. Put it together and boom, you've got pure heaven for your tastebuds.
Action shot! Do i feel any different today? Not really. It was a very nice birthday. I got flowers and a phone call from Afghanistan...then later a call from Seol  (Greg's there on business). Feelin' the international love! It was sunny and high 70s, Gabe & Evie took marvelous afternoon naps so I decided, hey it's my bday, screw chores, i'm reading. So me and my kindle had a nice date. Had a delish dinner and pretty relaxing evening. Now i'm going to bed. Hope ya'll are doing well. Thanks for all the b-day love!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Evening walk at 5 Rivers

 one of many huge snapping turtles we saw. They look like big floating rocks.
 Gabe enjoying the view.
 Helping Grandpa with the binoculars. 
 future sapper
 Very excited at all the wildlife spottings
 I love water!!
 Mama Goose on her nest. Daddy is nearby protecting her.
 Can you spot the muskrat? We first thought it was a baby beaver- but no paddle tail.
 It wasnt afraid of us at all...just stood their eating and didn't pay attention to us

 However, daddy goose did pay attention! I had to back up because he was getting mad at me.
 This is another Daddy goose. His mate was across the pond on the opposite bank. we first thought he was begging for food
 Then he jumped up on the dock and got up in my face. I jumped and squealed (not expecting him to jump up at me) and then Gabe cried. Haha. So we got kicked out of two locations due to protective daddy geese!
 Always happy.
 I mean look at this face!
We think that v-shape is a beaver---its lodge is to the right. I need a better lens with more zoom! Anyways it was a beautiful evening so we decided to wrap up dinner quick and head over to Five Rivers for a little walk. It's so fun seeing animals out in their own natural habitat. And it's about 5 mins away. Bonus!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thumbs down on Hillary Rosen

Hillary Rosen, a political adviser of Obama recently made these remarks about Mitt Romney's wife Ann (who stayed at home and raised her 5 children):
“What you have is Mitt Romney running around the country saying, Well, you know, my wife tells me that what women really care about are economic issues. And when I listen to my wife, that’s what I’m hearing. Guess what: his wife has never really worked a day in her life. She's never really dealt with the kind of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing in terms of how do we feed our kids, how do we send them to school, and why do we worry about their future."
I find that opinion tremendously condescending. If she stayed home for a day in her life i doubt she would make that comment. Apparently if you choose (key word CHOOSE) to stay home and raise your own children it means you don't work. I'm so offended i chose to blog about it. But apparently us housewives don't deserve an opinion about the economy. What is it with leftists named Hillary that have to crap all over conservative mothers? This is reminiscent of when Hillary Clinton said, “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was fulfill my profession...." Because all we do is sit at home all day. Ann Romney did step up and defend herself saying, “I made a choice to stay home and raise five boys. Believe me, it was hard work,”. Go Ann. 
 Lets look at the bigger picture though. This is just another ploy by the Obama campaign to distract people from whats actually happening- or not happening, as it were. Obama quick gets on TV and throws this woman under the bus saying, oh we wish Michelle could've stayed home, but it didn't work out for us. Sure Obama, with $300,000 a year you guys definitely couldn't afford it. But this gets people all riled up on this contrived "war on women" to distract from the super-crappy economy, the war in Afghanistan, insanely high gas prices, ridiculous government spending and obamacare (which is being reviewed by the supreme court). If the media actually focused on that- then Obama would look bad. 
 So the moral of the story- all you conservatives out there- especially women, go vote for Romney! And don't be ashamed of being a stay at home mother. You can never get those special moments back with your children- and they love and need YOU. My husband loves that i take care of our family full time and values my opinion. I'm glad to hear Romney does the same with his wife. I'm blessed that we can financially live off one income- but you don't see us driving around in a Mercedes with multiple houses either. You can make financial decisions that will have different consequences. The way you budget is up to you. I want to be the one that sees their first smiles and steps (etc). So no, we don't have a huge college fund going for them right now, but we don't have day care expenses either. 
  But i want to make it clear- I'm not trying to put down women who have careers either- a lot of couples may not have a choice. I understand that. I'm just sick of smug working moms. Good for you and your career- that's your choice, but don't treat me like a second class citizen. If i feel i want to be home with my kids, good for me! All us mothers need to stop hating and try and support and encourage one another! I'm sure a lot of women who work miss being home with their kids. And visa versa- there are days i would love to go to work and talk to adults and have the accolades that come from a job well done- or the paycheck! My husband doesn't always notice all the chores I've done, and the kiddos dont think to say, gee thanks mommy for changing my pee-soaked sheets for the 100th day in a row!  I sometimes feel guilty that i'm not easing my husband's financial burden- But we truly believe the best for our kids (especially with them this little) is for me to be home with them. I wouldn't trade it for any dream job. I might be offending some readers out there- but that's how we feel. That doesn't mean i couldn't get a job, or that i'm stupid- it's simply is what we value. Okay i'm done. Evie is trying to crawl right now, so i'm going to go enjoy watching her!

8 Months!

Happy 8 Months to Evie!
 Babygirl is just the best! Little Miss Sunshine!
 Evie is sitting, rolling, pivoting, toy diving, chattering, laughing and trying very hard to work on crawling. She has the arms and chest up, but not quite the leg control yet. It's only a matter of time..then life as we know is over! She says "mamamama" now when she sees me and will occasionally say dada. She loves to grab things out of a pocket or pick up two toys and bang them together. She wrinkles her nose when she smiles really big and wants to be at the table in her high chair at mealtimes. She loves to try whatever were having- such as penne noodles the other night. She gnawed on about 5 of them. I keep finding her rolled onto her tummy in the crib and she still sucks her thumb when she's tired. Overall she's the happiest, sweetest baby. We love her to pieces!
 My main squeeze. This is a vintage fire truck Uncle Wesdawg dug out of his closet. It's pretty sweet since we had to leave his big fire truck in colorado.
Gabe and i had a little one-on-one date. Evie cooperated by napping so i took Gabe to story time and then we mailed some packages to Daddy and met mr. mailman. That was a big thrill. The I got Gabe a happy meal and took him over to the big town park. It was nice for a while- then when it started getting cloudy and windy we at our "picnic". Gabe actually wanted the apple slices instead of his fries and asked for "yum yum sauce" with his chicken nuggets. "yum yum sauce" is what Michael calls the Polynesian stuff at chik-fil-a. No chik-fil-a out here unfortunately. Get with it NY!
 Gabe at an easter egg hunt our MOM group put together.

Gabe & Gabby. She's his new bestie. His mom & I think they should have an arranged marriage- i mean Gabriel & Gabriella- it's perfect.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gabe learning to read!

Just listen closely around the 40 sec mark. Gabe proves his Nulkness time and again.

Happy Easter!

 Hey, he actually can smile nice for pictures!

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you had a blessed day!

Friday, April 6, 2012


Evie says Dada now! She also is a lil squawker!