Tuesday, August 30, 2011


 Gabe's version of the baby bjorn. Tiger was the alternative to baby sister. So the other day i was nursing Evie on the couch and Gabe came up to me and said, "Baby Sister's eatin' mommy's nipples". I don't know if that was a TMI but i found it hilarious. Then i explained to him that she's drinking milk...although it feels like she's eating them sometimes! On that note, Evie is a lil' chunker! I swear she gets heavier every day. And last night she slept 6 hrs straight!
 Look how big she already is! Slow down my little Chiquita!
This is my future. Fortunately right now Michael is there to push Gabe/ walk to the dogs. But this is how i plan to exercise my posse when I'm cleared for vigorous workouts!
Tonight we were watching kid's jeopardy. Michael rocks at kid's week. Make's us feel smart when we know all the answers and beat the 7 yr olds. Anyways one of the categories was dessert and the answer was Dairy queen. So guess where we ended up tonight after dinner? DQ to pick up some blizzards. Anywho Nulkie decides to try and give Gabe brain freeze. I don't know why he thinks these are good ideas...but he shoved spoonfuls of mint oreo into Gabe's mouth and sure enough he started to cry a few minutes later and said "head hurts, head hurts". What a nudge! I should stick the angry baby on Nulkie! Well that's all. I gotta go feed the beast!

Friday, August 26, 2011

2 week stats

 Nulkie snuck on here before i had the chance and posted some new pics. Here are a few more plus an update:
Weight: 7 lbs 14 oz (she surpassed her birthweight by 9 oz)!
Length: 22 inches (this means she grew 1.5 inches in 2 weeks...which is ridiculous. we think someone messed up on the measurements somewhere...the pediatrician agreed)
Evie had failed the hearing test when she was 2 days old but passed yesterday. I guess the test has a high fail rate...especially if the baby is awake when you do the test. Anyways the re-test went fine. Overall Evie is doing awesome! She's nursing like a champ, sleeping pretty well and more alret every day. In fact she loves nursing SO much she'd try to feed every hour if i let her. Sometimes she just has to wait! Her sleep patterns are pretty random still-- some nights she'll go every 3 hrs on the dot or other nights she'll do a longer period (about 5 hrs) and then go 3 after that. I'm still trying to figure out this whole nursing thing and get in a good routine with Evie. When i bottle-fed Gabe i always knew how much he was gettting, so this is a bit trickier. But obviously she's eating plenty as she's growing rapidly! I wish she'd slow down a bit, i feel like she'll only be a tiny newborn for a few more days! She's barely fitting in her newborn clothes now but 0-3 month is a bit big on her, so she's kinda in-between. She has started smiling at us a bit which is the sweetest thing ever.
 Gabe's hanging in there. Michael's on paternity leave and he's a trooper about taking Gabe out to play so I can nap. I'm doing okay with the sleep deprivation but i do feel like the dark circles are taking over my face!

 She's sleeping the way Gabe slept here...with both arms up! So sweet. I love all the purple and pink floating around our house! It;s so fun having a little girl! This light pink blanket was my baby blanket :)

 My nurse calls headbands "brain-sqeezers". I love'm on Evie! She's so pretty! And she does love daddy! He's like the baby whisperer. He usually can calm her down when i can't. Right now they're napping together on the couch :)

happy two weeks old!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pretty Evie

 little peanut
 Daddy's girl

 sweet feet
 Gabe meeting Evie
 little grin
Pretty girl. Were just enjoying all our precious family time here. I figured some family members/grandparents would like some new pics! I can't believe she'll be a week old tomorrow! It goes way too fast once they're here and no longer in the womb :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Evelyn Frances Nulk

 She's here! She's here! We are sooo in love!

She is just perfect. She came out screaming and healthy! She took to nursing right away and my surgery went wonderful. We are over the moon that she's here and could not be happier! Can you imagine a more beautiful baby? There's a lot of love around here right now :)