Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gabe dancing to american idol finale

A tale of two eye infections

Last Sunday afternoon Gabe's eyes were looking a little crusty and swollen. By Monday they were half swollen shut with red lids and more crusty discharge. I immediately made him an appointment assuming it was a form of conjunctivitis (aka pink eye) and got him in. Turns out it was allergies...not pink eye. So he's on allergy meds and some eye cream and back to his usual orneriness! His eyes responded quickly to the treatment and he looks MUCH better. End of story right? Wrong.
  On Wednesday i woke up feeling fine..left eye a little bit itchy. Gabe & I took a walk and everything seemed fine. Well my eye continued to go all red, burned, goopy discharge. Half swollen shut. I looked like I got punched in the face. So i called my nurse (who is awesome) and she squeezed me in with an appt this morning. Turns out I definitely have pink eye. So i got the drops and am finally looking a little more normal. My eyes are still different sizes but not discharging all the nastiness anymore. This was my 3rd visit this week to the hospital and pharmacy (on Tuesday i had my lovely glucose screening test and 29 week appt). I do not enjoy sitting at the pharmacy...especially 3x in four days.
  Hopefully I continue to improve because we are supposed to drive 15 hrs to New Mexico tomorrow. I was hoping to help with the driving! So far Michael hasn't caught the eye infection. I've changed towels, sheets and obsessively hand washed...hopefully that is helping. Anyways conjunc in the trunk = not so fun. Hope you all have healthy eyes and lovely holiday weekends.
p.s. Go Scotty (aka josh turner jr.) ...he was my pick for american idol and he won! Woo hoo!