Friday, October 28, 2011


We just love this little girl!
 It is just TOO fun dressing up Evie. She's like my own little live doll to accessorize. And she's so patient and sweet about it! As she's laying on the changing table while i look for matching socks or a bow, she just coos and smiles at me. She's already my special lil' fashionista!

 I absolutely LOVE these trumpette socks! Thanks Aunt TZ!! They're so feminine and always stay on my feet!
Gabe can't stand to not be in a picture. Sound like anyone you know? Ahem, someone's Daddy lovesss to have his picture taken :)

We had a good day yesterday. Gabe played in the snow out in the backyard "by yourself" for about a half hour. He kept coming over to the back door and calling for me. And smashing his face into the glass. But he was pretty cute out there. Eventually after Evie's second morning feed we went outside for a walk to the park. The temp said 34 so naturally i bundled Gabe & Evie up in snowsuits and dressed myself in flannel. Turns out "cold" here is not that bad. I was sweating within 10 minutes. With the sun beating down and the dry air, 34 felt like 50. Anyways we made it around the block ( I made Gabe walk) despite Gabe asking to "push me" in the stroller (Evie got dibs on the stroller).
  Gabe & i had a nice lunch together and then he helped me make apple cake. We had a bunch of apples that needed using so i found a tasty recipe. He enjoyed dumping the ingredients into the bowl and smashing up the walnuts for me :) The cake turned out "mmm mmm delicious" as Gabe would say. This evening Nana & Gramps arrive to meet their newest Granddaughter and hang with us for a few nights. We are verrry excited for the company! I'm a pretty pathetic army wife- I'm already missing Nulkie a lot and wanting him home (and we have 3 weeks to How am i going to get through this upcoming deployment? Grrr. Anywho hope you all have nice weekends!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First measurable dump...of snow of course!

So it was close to 70 yesterday. Today? See below.

 My puny little snowman. Don't judge. Gabe thought i was fabulous for making it for him. I also made him 10 snowballs which pretty much rocked his world.

 Trying to taste some snow
 Pretty girl. I think i scored another blue-eyed baby!

 Ford truck man. This pic's for see Big Blue with some Colorado snow!
 This kid LOVES the snow. I kept asking him if he was cold and he would say "yes". "Do you want to go inside?" "No, i stay in snow. I stay in snow, Mommy". So we stayed in the snow for a good hour and a half until Daddy called and Gabe's face was completely pink.

 Miss Evie chilled in her bouncy on the front porch. Once she was sick of that she was moved into the foyer where she fell asleep.
 Sneak peak of Halloween. I was planning to skip this year, but Uncle Brian offered to take Gabe around his neighborhood so i relented and picked out this lil' gem at the PX. Cliche much? Yes he's a soilder. Just like his Daddy. Cutest lil' solider i've ever seen.

 The patches were sewn on by yours truly. He's moody because we just woke him up from his nap and he didn't stay all dry. So no chocolate milk. Gotta play hardball when it comes to potty training!
 His weapon is a nerf gun. We didn't think an AK-47 would be appropriate.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Introducing Sophia Elizabeth Nulk!

Be prepared to be jealous...we got to meet (and hold) precious little Sophia Elizabeth this morning. She was born at 4:04 am and was 7lbs 9oz (i could be wrong on the weight). Mama, Daddy and Baby are all doing great!
 Such a sweet lil family!
 Check out that hair!
 Baby Mamas
 Nana hats!

 Proud Daddys!

 Lounging' with their ladies!

 Evie looks well fed! I cant believe she was that small 9 weeks ago!
 I look like my Mama!
Congrats to Brian & Christina! Sofia is just perfect !!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Two Months!

Evie is 2 moths old! Where has the time gone? My lil' chunk who used to fit in newborn clothes is now starting to bust out of her 0-3 mths! She is just a precious baby. Loves to be held and cuddled. Smiles and coos at us all the time. Loves to nurse, loves her swing, bouncy and baby gym. We just love her so much, she is the best little addition to our family :) Michael says she has more chins than a chinese phone book and cankles. But we love just love our chunky monkey!

Gabe LOVES to hold Evie. And she just smiles and smiles when he's around. She loves to hear him talk to her's the sweetest thing ever!

 We are finally starting to feel settled in our house. This move has been the most stressful and exhausting by far! Probably has something to do with a new baby + a toddler + a 3.5 week stay at a hotel. Evie is actually doing great. She eats about every 3 hrs during the day and then goes anywhere from 7-9 hrs at night. Which pretty much makes her a sleep rock star like Gabe was. Michael & I only seem to accomplish unpacking during nap time or after Gabe's in bed. Oh well. At least were not moving again for like 3 years (hopefully). Now it's time to relax...for a few weeks at least until Michael leaves for a month of training (booo). Hope you all are doing well!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

 My two Studmuffins
 All these pics (except the last two) were taken at Mueller State Park about 45 mins west of Colorado springs. Looks pristine and beautiful right? It was. But as with all adventures with Nulkie, this was another one for the history books. He wanted "to take a drive to see some fall color". Hah. So i assumed that meant a drive. Not a hike. In the springs it was 83 and sunny. T-shirt and sandals weather. Which is exactly what Nulkie and I were dressed in.  Up at 9000 ft where this park is located it was 62, windy and cloudy. So basically i was freezing (that purple shirt is a purchase from the visitors center) and cranky that we came upon this gorgeous park and couldn't enjoy any hikes because we didn't have the proper footwear. Well Nulkie talked to one of the rangers and he said this grouse overlook hike was easy for kids and had great views. It was about .7 miles round trip. And we did it in birkenstocks and loft gladiator sandals. And pushed the jogger up it. I would recommend hiking boots next time. anyhow we did get these great pics. Evie wasn't too pleased with the wind and chilly temps and proceeded to spit up on me during the photo sesh. Fortunately you can't see her rage in the pics.

 I should've known this little trip with Nulkie would be ridiculous based off the fact that we were heading to Cripple Creek because of a song he used to sing in boy scouts (It goes something like this: he was a big strong man, he was a desperado...blah blah from cripple creek, colorado) so naturally we had to drive out to cripple creek to fulfill a lifelong dream. He's a nut!  Mueller state park came about 10 mins earlier so we stopped there instead. Next lil' weekend trip with nulkie will include a bevy of food, water, winter clothing and proper footwear. Lesson learned, never assume a drive means just a drive!
 We did manage to get this amazing family pic though. Can you believe Gabe is actually smiling at the camera? This was self-timer too.
 Remember this guy? Brendon McNichol, Mike's old college roomie. He's been very productive too...he has a 21 mth old son and a 9 week old daughter (she's in the back of the stroller). We were stationed with them in Ft. Leonard wood when they were brand new butter bars (2lts) and haven't seen them since. They're actually headed back there on Tuesday to start the career course and master's program.
Ya never know who you'll run into again in the army! It was fun to catch up with them, if only for a few days. Today Evie was sweet and let me take a nap while Gabe was napping. Overall it was a busy weekend...but fun. AND....We move into our house on friday!!!!! 4 days left!!!!