Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Alexis & Holley visit!

My good friend Alexis came with her 4.5 mth old daughter Holley to visit Gabe & I! Alexis has never seen the fall color in the north east before, being the native Texan that she is, so we've been taking here all over to enjoy the gorgeous fall foliage. After one day to recover from her trip out, we took her to Vermont for the day! It was a perfect fall day. We checked out Bennington and Mancester, and both towns have beautiful historic buildings, covered bridges, cute country stores and rolling landscapes. Bennington actually had Moosefest happening, so there were decorated sculpted moose all over the place....so obviously we had to stop and take pics of the babies on them. We also went up Mt. Equinox, which is 3800 ft (you can drive up). So we took Alexis up there to see the gorgeous mtn. views. We've also been on another hike in Schoharie to see more color and then Thatcher park (where Michael proposed). Thatcher was in peak color we have so glorious pics. Today we had tea with Monica at the Whistling Kettle...very cute place with delicious tea and savories. Mary we'll have to take you there sometime!
I know Michael loves fall and we've been missing him doing all this hiking and "leave peeping" as my mom calls it. Uncle Wes took one for the team and was our Sherpa lugging Gabers around in the pack. Gabe is doing awesome...and he's almost 9 mths! Which means almost 3 mths till Michael comes home...YAY! Gabe is clapping, sticking out his tongue, laughing, splashing, rolling, standing up (with support of the couch) and just so much fun! His top two front teeth have popped through so were introducing more and more new foods. Like in Vermont we decided to give him some macaroni salad. I expected him to give his yucky what are you feeding me dirty look, but instead he pulled a fast one and ate half the bowl without so much as batting an eyelash! He had mashed potatoes and spaghetti and cheese for dinner last night and looked like he was in a food coma afterwards! Anyways enjoy all the pics :) We love you Michaels! xoxo


Anonymous said...

LOOK at the colors!!! wow, i'd have to say that this fall in NY is absolutely beautiful. you're definitely making me jealous with all the fun you're having. you guys look great and i count myself blessed to such a beautiful family.
love, hubby

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