Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vacay: Part II- Brian & Christina's Wedding Extravaganza!

On Thurs. Feb 18th, Gabe, Michael & i packed up the truck again to head straight north to Colorado Springs for Brian's wedding! We left at 0630 (which impressed certain in-laws of mine :) and made it up to the Cheyenne Mtn. resort by early afternoon. The weekend was jam-packed with tons of visiting, eating, drinking... etc. Lots of family flew in who had never met Gabe before. And let me tell you, aside from the bride & groom, he totally stole the show! He was friendly to everyone, being his usual charming self. We had a great time with everyone. I agreed with Aunt Carolyn that Michael should be on the cover of GQ, seriously who looks that good in a suit? :)

The groom looked dashing and the bride beautiful, and freshly fallen snow gave them the perfect setting for a lovely winter wedding. The bride even hooked up Michael and i with a babysitter allowing us to thoroughly enjoy the wedding/reception! We are totally jealous of their dancing moves and plan to learn to two-step via u-tube as soon as my cowboy boots come in. Anywho enjoy the pics! Colorado springs is so gorgeous, Michael is seriously hoping we could be posted there next. Cross your fingers!


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Grammy Nulk says:
I'm crossing all my toes and fingers!!! Great pics...what a beautiful bunch we are.

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