Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving was great. We had great company, delish food (including two turkeys!) and snow! Two couples on our street that were also stranded in Ft. lost in the woods came over and we all had a fabulous time. Gabe only slept about 30 mins, but he was really good. Praise the lord for baby einstien helped calm him down so Mommy could actually sit and visit! My turkey came out awesome, did i remember to take a pic? No. But trust me it was really tasty, not overly dry or undercooked (which i feared), my gravy wasn't lumpy (happens a lot) and my spaghetti & cheese and pumpkin pie were a hit! We had so much food the table was groaning! The other two gals out did themselves with sides too (thanks ladies)!

Yes, i copied pottery barn with the napkin under the dinner roll plate idea. We didn't even have dinner rolls, but it looked really cute with my favors on top!
The lovely table linens are courtesy of Aunt Carolyn. Thanks! They looked awesome with all my china!
I loved the excuse to whip out my china, crystal and silver!
 The only group shot of the whole night. Took a few tries to get it, but hey, we were busying feasting!

I know, another pic of the table. But  this is when i actually remember to use my camera. And i was so pleased with how pretty it turned out! Just call me martha stewart.

first snow in Missouri!

Gabe was quite thrilled. He also got to wear his new winter coat!

 The dogs were somewhat amused. They don't like getting their paws wet. They hung out in our bedroom most of thanksgiving.
Yes, finally cold enough to whip out these bad boys, my fabulous new uggs thanks to Mary & Carolyn! They spoil me :)

 Michael regaling everyone with his war stories...or something about a water balloon maybe?
It was a great day. Michael's trying to get me motivated to go shopping today, but I'm still in my pjs sipping tea and looking forward to feasting on leftovers and doing NO dishes and avoiding all the crowds. We'll see. Hope you all had a great thanksgiving! We missed family but it was a blessing to have new friends over. Incidentally, Michael and i were jointly thankful that we were able to spend this turkey day together; as opposed to over the phone (last year he was in Iraq!)


Anonymous said...

Everthing looks lovely - especially the people! Can't wait to see you in CO. 31F here this AM and just out of jacuzzi. Hugs to each of you. Love-Carolyn&Ron

Uncle Wes Dawg aka "The Glue" said...

Looks like we all have the comb-over/side-part going on now. I'm pretty jealous of the snow!

Anonymous said...

I taught Laurie how to set the table so nice. Dad P

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