Thursday, October 4, 2012

 Gabe had his first field trip...guess where? Indian Ladder farms. I feel like they should pay me for all the advertising i give them.
 Feeding the goats is always a thrill. always

 Gabe and his classmates. He just a bit taller than everyone else
 Love this cow. Her name's Rosie
 Calf= rosebud

 Enjoying the fieldtrip. My mom was able to stay with Evie so Gabe got some one-on-one mommy time. It was really fun!
 apple.cider.cider dougnut time. Gabe ate a few bites of apple, spilled half his cider and housed the whole doughnut. Smart kid. I was also the only mom to eat a doughnut. I mean come on, fresh out of the oven cider doughnuts? You don't turn that down.

 His class & teachers!


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