Thursday, November 19, 2015

The BEST visits are GRANDPARENT visits!

My parents visited the first week in November. We were WAY overdue for a visit- it had been since JULY.  
After a near panic-attack at DFW (that airport is ridiculous and they need to update their signs) I successfully picked up my parents and they had a nice relaxing week of sitting around by the fire catching up on their reading and knitting. 

H to the A. HA. 

The second we picked up the kids it was : "How long are you staying? How many days from today? Can you stay longer? Will you play with me? Can we play Uno/Canydland/Connect Four? I thought you were good at Connect Four (Gabe). Are you coming to my soccer game? Can I play on your iPad? Will you come make my bed (Evie)? Will you sit next to me? Can you bring me a snack? Can you read me a story? Ducccdodgagooogaga (Wyatt) ?

Wait. Most of those questions sound like everyday. #lifewith3nulkids #theyneverstoptalking

My parents call themselves the "back-up team" and they totally are. Like when they visit the adults OUTNUMBER the children. It makes me like my kids a lot more. They should just move here. The dishes are always clean and put away. The laundry is folded WHEN THE DRYER BEEPS. The children are read a yardstick high pile of books. Operation Wyatt Containment is carried out. Shelves are built in the garage. It's amazing! Thanks Mom & Dad. Next time stay more days!!! 

P.S. Our new house here has an "in-law suite" with it's own en suite bathroom. We MAY have bought this with hopes of cajoling Grandparents to come for extended stays. 

 Whenever Mom visits, there are lots of pictures taken. We all tease her about it, then proceed to ask her for her flash drive before she leaves.
 Evie re-learning how to ride a two-wheel. She got too big for her minnie mouse bike and has been reluctant to try her big girl bike. But she was willing to try with Grandpa!
 Only the first 24 hrs are free, then we put 'em to work.
 Contemplating the irrigation hose Mom severed during her intense landscaping help. No worries Mom, this is why we have 100000 feet of duct tape :) . #alwaysprepared
 Our family did 5 shoeboxes for OCC and my mom was our shopping consultant extrordinaire.
 Evie & Gabe loved packing them!
 With the extra help, we were able to work on a few house tasks. Like my husband's personal favorite, "the hanging of the curtains". Ladies, there is nothing sexier than your Man hanging up curtain rods. I was telling Nulkie, I think instead of pre-marital counseling, engaged couples should have to hang an entire household worth of  curtains together and see how it goes.
 Pretty.But it #needsshiplap
 We got to surprise this guy for lunch at school.
 You know how this stud muffin earns his iPad time? Picking up the dogpoop in the backyard. PARENTING WIN.
 Me and my girl. She was a little emotional we weren't taking her on our date.
 We got our first date night since July! We really should go out more. Also, RIP BEARD.

 My mom takes the best pictures.
 The Nulks, Texas Edition.

 Veteran's Day.
 I think somebody looks like Grandpa. And therefore looks like me. Same eye shape.
 A rare tender moment between two siblings. It didn't last.

 What did the fox say??
Wyatt's favorite "toy drawer". Glad i chose to put the tupperware there, He empties the drawer about 50x a day.

Gabe has one more day of school until Thanksgiving break. No I can't believe it's almost Turkey day. And that I have all 3 (kids) home with me for 9 days straight. I feel outnumbered.

Hope you all have a blessed Holiday!


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