Monday, November 14, 2016

Veteran's Day Hike

 On Veteran's Day our family spent almost the entire day outside. Mike picked a hike called "Marshall's Gulch" up on Mt. Lemmon and it was absolutely beautiful. It was a nice crisp 48 degrees up there, so we felt a bit chilly which is nice while hiking.
 The kids did great! Thanks to Mike's endless supply of army gear, both kids are outfitted in Camo Camelbacks, compasses and magnifying glasses.
 Mmm. Look at that Handsome Veteran on Pride Rock. Actually you can't see it very well in this picture, but the rocks look like stacks of pancakes, thus we called them "Pancake rocks". Originality is our strong suit. Evie decided to give a nickname to the nickname Pancakes and call them "Panies". She kept referring to  them: "Hey Daders, can we go climb the panies?"
Wyatt was finally released from the pack and he immediately started running away. 
 Rosy cheekies!
 Such a sweet day. There were a few art students up at the top of the hike attempting to do some calm nature drawings. Then we Nulks showed up and ended that dream real quick. I think we scared the artists away. Sorry Artists!
 On top of the "panies".
 Hiking machines. This was a 2.5 mile round trip hike at 8,000 ft which was just about what Evie can handle with minimum complaining and maximum snack bribery.
 Gabe cracks me up with all the lime green accessories. He kept saying, "Wow Mom, this is good explorer training. Am I hiking good? Mom, you're a fast hiker"(bless him).
The last of the fall color. 
 I think Gabe is going to be taller than me by middle school!

 A 45 min wait for a cookie at the Cookie cabin? Wyatt is expressing how we all feel. We're with you WyWy.

Apparently U of A got Veteran's day off too because there were many college groups out hiking and or at the cookie cabin. We got a ton of compliments on our dogs. Not so many on our kids...hmmm. Next weekend we go camping with the fam...while some of the fam is glamping. I will shamelessly use the camper bathroom! Amen.