Thursday, November 13, 2008

30 Week Ultrasound

I had an ultrasound yesterday morning to check on the baby. Every looks good according to the ultrasound technician. He was curled up in a ball the whole time- literally his feet were above his head! He's very flexible right now. We got a couple cute pictures of him- his face is starting to look more like baby, with little chubby cheeks rather than just a skeleton. He had his hands on his face most of the time, and he was sucking on his fingers too. You can see him sucking on the fingers in the profile shot above. Apparently this guy is above average in size for weight, but whose surprised by that?- he's 3 pounds 11 ounces which is in the 75th percentile for weight at 30 weeks or something like that. It was really fun for Mike and I to get to see him again before he comes out! He got the hiccups for awhile which was cute. Anyways enjoy pics, if you click on them they enlarge.


Mom Pilon said...

What a miracle! Love, Mom

Wes Dogg said...

Thats awesome, looks like hes gonna be a big dude.

Mom Nulk said...

How precious. Thanks for sharing. Love, Mom

Vincent said...

The fun is really just around the corner...Can't wait to see and hold the guy!
Love, Dad

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