Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Lost Maples

This weekend Mike had a four day so on Sunday around 9:30am we decided spur of the moment to go camping! Michael had been wanting to visit Lost Maples Park where the trees were to be in peak color. So we packed up the tent, a cooler of food, the dogs and headed out on the 4.5 hr drive down there! The trip there was quite picturesque-especially this one ranch with buffalo! When we arrived at the park at about 4:30 we expected it to be quite deserted...boy were we wrong! There was a huge line just to get a pass to enter the park...

Fortunately Michael snagged the last nice camping slot (apparently we were supposed to make reservations). Thank goodness we got this one that had water, electric and bathrooms. Otherwise the camping would have been a mile trek in. Here's a picture of our campsite, Mike is actually in the tent rolling up sleeping bags. We had a fun evening of a campfire, roasting hot dogs and making s'mores. As soon as we hopped into our tent (dogs and all) it started to rain! We stayed pretty dry in the tent though. Overall it was a fun time--probably our last chance to go camping before Baby Nulk arrives! I'll leave you with a few more pictures from our trip. Sadly it was pretty rainy so we didn't get to hike around as much as we planned the next day and a wind storm had hit the park a few days earlier blowing off most of the leaves- but we found a few maples in peak color.


Mom Pilon said...

Hey this is awesome- sure looks pretty- fall is about over here so I appreciate the beautiful colors and my colorful kids, Mike, Laurie, Winston and Bella. Love, Mom/ Moms

Dad Pilon said...

Dad Pilon says: Laurie went camping in the rain staying in a tent...now that's progress Mike.Nice pics. Looking good. Keep little Gabe happy>

Mom Nulk said...

This is really cool. I'll look forward to seeing all your updates.


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