Thursday, February 12, 2009

New stroller adventures

My parents and I went and picked out a little walking stroller for Gabe. Here are some pics from a walk we took yesterday- it was gorgeous here, high seventies and sunny. He was dressed in his "daddy's little cowboy" outfit to give a shout out to daddy. Today we went to Still house Lake with Gabe and the dogs. Gabe does great in the stroller, it puts him right to sleep! We walked around a little island with the dogs- they had a blast because i took them off leash and let them run free and swim. Bella even chased after a duck in the water! She swam pretty far until she decided she;d had enough. She was actually closing in on it. Winsty started to chase the duck but gave up rather quickly. The last few pics are of Gabe in tummy time with his new casts on. The ortho casted him Tuesday so we can fix his feet right away. The casts have to go all the way up the legs becasue babies can kick them off if they're only on the feet. He's a real trooper about them though. We love you Michael!


Granny Nulk said...

Gabe looks great! Looks like fun was had by all at the lake. I know Gabe's Daddy used to love walks in the stroller back in father like son.
Mom, Grandma

Anonymous said...

lookn' good babers! love/miss you mucho, daddy

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