Monday, February 23, 2009

Cheeky baby

Here's the latest pics of Gabe. He loves crusin' in his stroller- he's started to stay awake and look around. My mom bought 120 bears on clearance for Operation Christmas Child..we had to pile them around Gabe..he slept through the whole thing! We went out to tea with Alexis and her mom, Gabe was wonderful and slept the entire lunch. Then we took him to a park on the Salado creek where I had to wake him up to eat, that;s why he has a silly expression on his face- he was happy snoozin and didn't want to be disturbed. This Sunday the doggies got hair cuts- they look like new dogs! They're all clean and soft with clipped nails! Definately well worth the cost. Then we went to Leslie's where the girls through a "Welcome Gabe" shower for me! It was great, everyone brought me diapers, wipes and formula-things I need all the time and go through rapidly. It was very fun, Gabe did great, looked around, let people hold him. He finally was cranky at the end when it was time to go home. We love you Michaels!



Anonymous said...

damn girl, you made a haul at that guys look great and so do the squishies! love ya lots, mikey

Wes Dawg said...

Looking good Laurie, I can't wait to meet the little guy!

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