Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Here are some pics of Gabe over the past week. We've had a 40 degree temperature change, so on Saturday I had to put Gabe in cold-weather gear for a walk since it was only in the forties. I put him in his little hunter cap one day, and his cow outfit the next. Just recently it's shot up to the eighties..so he's back to light onesies! He has the cutest smile now! I put him in our bed too, i thought it was funny how tiny he looks in it! I took a few pics of Gabe & I...but he wouldnt look at the camera for me!


Anonymous said...

looks like there's lots of room in that bed...he looks hilarious. and that smile is cute...but you have to admit...he has a double chin! hahaha. it's good to see him smiling!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, lil gabe has too much cheekers for his face! what a cutie

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