Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Merry Christmas....!

Everything set up ready to go into the u-haul trailer

Christmas morning in his santa jammies. See ribbon is way for more fun than new books!

Gabe and mommy christmas day

Gabe with Grandpa & Grandma

Christmas Eve candlelight service

Yes i'm sorry this update is terribly late. We've been just a little busy! But we did have Gabe's first Christmas. We celebrated the weekend before with Greg and Chantal and my grandparents down in Long Island. As a bonus we got over 2 feet of snow down there! We had a quiet (but still fun) Christmas day in Albany with Wes, the puppies and Gabe. He was more interested in the wrapping paper and ribbon than his gifts...but he made out like a bandit. By Dec. 27th the u-haul was packed and we hit the road (and by we, yes i mean my parents, wes, gabe, 2 dogs, 5 winter coats, food, and gabe entertainment items all crammed into my ford escape) and made it all the way back to Texas by the 29th! After 30 hrs in the car! I'll update more later, but gabe & i are back and moved in and anxiously awaiting Michael's return. Still a few weeks to go...they have to squeeze everyday in jan out of him that they can! Here's some pics to enjoy :) Love ya Michaels!

Early christmas with the gang in Long Island

Me at the candlelight service with Gabe...doesnt he look spiffy in his new clothes!? Below is Grandpa Schaeffler plowing with his jeep

Gabe & mommy in Long Island


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your escape huh? well, i guess i'll have to get myself a truck then...:)

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