Monday, August 9, 2010


Things I miss about Texas:
-Living in 1500 sq feet
-3 bedrooms
-the fabulous fenced in yard/ covered patio
-my best buddy living around the corner
-Target was 5 mins away
-olive garden was 5 mins away....
-hobby lobby was 2 mins away..(you get the idea)
-coffee group/ girlfriends with babies
-patton pool
-2 bathrooms
-pretty wildflowers
- my neighborhood loop
-bordering NM

Things I don't miss:
-the traffic
-going to sleep to the sound of sirens
-the heat
-cockroaches (although those only appeared at the end)
-michael's commute to work (it was like 20-30 mins depending on the it's maybe 30 seconds)
-the brown everywhere
-no good hiking trails for the dogs
-the heat that never ends!
-the distance to get anywhere. Texas was stinking big...anything "close" was a good 4 hr round trip drive.
-house repairs/costs
-air conditioning bill
-the water pressure

Well that's all i can come up with for now. All in all were pretty happy to be here in MO. Despite it being so isolated..we find the post refreshingly green and quiet and calm. We've moved up from the ghetto despite losing sq footage!


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