Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kansas: Part I

We traveled to KS this past weekend for Mike Hruska's Wedding extravaganza! We had an awesome time! It was so much fun seeing him again...it had been since November of 2008! He got to meet Gabe and we had a little mini-reunion with my parents who also attended the wedding. Turns out Wichita is a pretty neat city. The zoo is fantastic. I'll post wedding pics later..but here's a few of our leisure time activities!

As best man, it was Michael's self-imposed duty to give Hruska a good time Thursday night. Apparently it was such a good time that poor Hruska couldn't get out of bed till 3pm the next day! The other guy in the pics is Dave Kennedy..he actually is deployed to Iraq and used his R & R to attend the wedding. Pretty awesome the dates lined up!

Yes, i do indeed have the same wingspan as my Dad.

Since it was like 100 degrees outside, the random misters were the BEST. We all went through every one. Did you know that Hippos are the most dangerous animal in Africa? Apparently they kill more ppl a year than any other animal.

Gabe got to help daddy feed the giraffes. He's growling like a tiger at the tiger exhibit. What a genius!


Anonymous said...

That picture of Gabe (by the giraffe pic) is priceless - what a little beauty he is - hugs from his CA aunt and uncle!

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