Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The toad and hittin' the road

In 1 day I will be hitting the road accompanied by Gabe (duh) & 2 dogs, picking up Grammie Nulk in Tulsa, and making the 15 hr trip to Placitas, New Mexico. Also known as the "land of enchantment". Or the land of "illegal immigrants". But enchantment sounds much prettier. I'll let you decide. Did i mention Bella was recently (last night) sprayed by a skunk? 15 hours in the car should be realll fun. But no worries mate, i had Nulkie get me a Yankee candle car jar--MacInctosh flavored. It smells like a heavenly orchard. Anyways I'm getting sidetracked. So Gabe & i are planning to be enchanted for the next month as we spend time with the Nulkie granparentals. They haven't seen Gabers in 5 months! I mean he's basically potty-trained and tying his shoes! No no, i kid/wish. But he has developed a lot; they'll clearly be in love :).
While were basking in the new mexico sun, enjoying the balloon fiesta and lots of spoiling from the grand-p's, nulkie will be starving and sleep-deprived in Sapper school! But he'll do great, lets face it, Nulkie thrives on physical fitness and competitions. Me on the other hand, i thrive on long walks, long naps, big bowls of ice cream and delightful books. So I'll be all set. I also lovee buying turquoise from the Indians in old town. And sopa pias (i have no idea how to spell that).. Can you tell I'm excited? But I am sad that Nulkie can't come. Ah, the life of a solider.

You might be wondering why I'm blogging and not spending this time packing. Well i really get bored of packing after awhile. Can you blame me? And combined with Nulkie packing for sapper, the house looks like an explosion of army gear and ugg boots. I've been trying to get the house in order and finish up some sewing projects, but i lose motivation very quickly when it comes to cleaning the house to leave it empty for a month. I have packed Gabe's clothes, toys, car-entertainment items...etc. I still have to pack sippes, snacks, caffeinated beverages for yours truly. And starbust. Definitely an necessity.
About the toad. Nulkie discovered one while putting away the lawn mower. Naturally he caught it and it peed everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. I've never seen so much fluid come out of such a little body. That little guy was terrified. Bella was voracious. I guess the skunk spraying hasn't lessened her hunting obsession at all. We left her in the house and let Gabe come out and "pet" the toad. Pretty cute. He also happened to be wearing his "Gabe-wize-er" shirt with a pic of him sitting on a giant frog. Oh, the irony.

Next time I update, we'll be in the 505. With the new F-150!! Boo-yah!


Anonymous said...

you'll have to pardon wifey...she's from new york. she and her mother have a chronic affliction to saying/spelling SOPAPILLAS correctly...but they both love them.

Ahn said...

so jealous. i LOVE new mexico with a passion. you'll have a wonderful time...and while you're there why not make a weekend out of santa barbara? you wouldn't regret it.

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