Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma!

It's my Grandma's birthday today...and she is awesome! I'll tell you why:

  Things to know about Grandma Fran:
She has the best sense of humor
She's the most delish cook in town. You never leave her house hungry!
She's a total servant. We always have to force her out of the kitchen. 
She can out-fish all of us. She might be tiny, but she always catches the biggest fish
She loves her family more than anything
She's still dances a mean fox trot
She can beat all of us in poker. Don't let that kind face fool ya, she's good!
She calls me all the time to check on me
She's the best grandma (and great grandma) ever
She loves her grand dogs and used to bake oatmeal cookies for Lincoln
Also, I'm her favorite granddaughter. (sorry wes)
she helped me bake my first pie...raspberry apple crumb. yum!


Uncle Wes Dawg aka "The Glue" said...

Ouch Laurie! Did you really have to call me a girl?

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