Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree!

 We started the day shaving with Daddy...
No, mommy don't take my picture....i'm not done yet!

 There she is in all her glory. And yes, she is fake. Michael was determined to have a real tree because a). they're giving out free ones to the troops this Wednesday and b). "I don't like fake boobs or fake trees" (that's a direct quote). Well after Sunday school today and he realized live trees are a fire hazard and we wouldn't be able to leave it up before our big Colorado extravaganza (he also didn't want to have to vacuum) he decided we should head to lowes and check out the selection. It was slim pickins' but we did find this 7.5 ft pre-lit beauty. So much easier than my p's comes in three sections, no messing with bags of lights to see which ones work..took us about 10 mins to assemble. The bummer is we can't find where the movers stashed our ornaments. So we made do with the few we did have and bought a cheap set of colored balls.
The tree skirt we bought previously is also lost somewhere with the ornaments. So i improvised...yes that's our 1st Cav throw. I think it looks rather charming.

Obligatory family photo in front of the tree. Gabe has 1/2 a piece of pizza in his cheeks. Do i mention this a lot about food in his cheeks? That's because it's a recurring problem. The kid thinks he's a hamster.

Thank you Hubby for buying us this awesome tree!!! PS I'm wearing the hat because my hair is greasy. I'm not obsessed or anything.


Ahn said...

oh goodness that quote made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Laurie please come home so I will be motivated to put up our loooong process xmas tree. How about squirting something differnt in Gabe's mouth when he hamsters up. Let it snow now!!!


Uncle Wes Dawg aka "The Glue" said...

nice work getting the dogs to sit in the corner for the family picture thats impressive

Bridget said...

these pictures are so cute, laurie!

and it looks like the three column blog worked?! i hope so and that you didn't have to go reinvent the wheel. html is so damn confusing!

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