Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gabe & I are heading to NY for two weeks! Were super pumped to hang out with the fam...but we'll miss Nulkie. He has classes and will be chillin' with the doggies. Were leaving him with a freezer full of meals and the laundry up-to-date so I don't think he'll suffer too much. In fact he's already planning a camping trip with friends. I'll leave you with some pics. Some are from Earth day/ the easter egg hunt that was a few weeks ago.
 They had to move the Easter egg hunt indoors due to bad rainy cold weather. It was mobbed! Anything free offered on post for kids is ridiculous. Michael was able to worm his way into the egg hunt and snatch some eggs for Gabe. Gabe had his face painted as a "tiger" but he kept smudging the lines.
 Earth day coincided so we headed there after the egg hunt to recycle our plastic eggs.
 I may have gone overboard in buying a couple sizes bigger for Gabe...but hey he grows so fast I want the raincoat to last longer than the summer. It's kinda like a trench coat right now...
 Date night! We saw Water for Elephants...we both really liked it!
Nulkie took this pic tonight. He had put the headlamp on Gabe earlier..then Gabe climbed into his bed with a book to read. What a lil' genius!


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did you read the book?! sooo good.

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