Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NY Visit

Gabe & I had a BLAST in NY! It was so awesome to see the family for 2 weeks straight! Gabe did amazing on the plane ride and loves Grandma & Pop Pop's house. They had dug out a bunch of our old stuff..and the family room looked like a toy store! Here's some pics to get you started. There's a lot more but bear with me...I'll post the rest later! Thanks everyone for such a wonderful visit! Wish we could've stayed longer...but I guess we had to get back home to Nulkie ;) Next time we see everyone we'll be a family of 4! Totally awesome!

 My mom had a little luncheon planned with some friends. The little girl is my parent's next door neighbor's 1 yr old granddaughter. Gabe called her the "little girl".
 matchbox time. Wes suprised my mom on mother's day with flowers and himself. Well played Uncle Wesdawg, well played.
 Clarkson hat + mommy's sandals = awesome
 Banana time with Uncle Lukedogg. Gabe kept eating bites of Lukes so we had to get him his own :)
 lab visit. That's a lot of ladies my dad works with! gabe was a lil' charmer there as usual
 where the magic happens.
 Future pathologist? So far so good..it seems Gabe has inherited PopPop's brains!
 Visiting baby animals at Indian ladder farms.

 It was so fun there we took my grandparents back the next day!
 My dad dug this lil rocker out of the basement. Gabe loved it! He looks like a little old man reading.
 Cuddling with Grandma when she was flat on her back
 davy crockett in the house
 Some serious playing went down
 Gabe loved the gas station. He kept filling up all the cars!

 Gabe wasn't too sure about the tractor...they went pretty slow. He didn't cry though. He liked visiting the tractor in the shed...the whole visit he kept saying "tractor in shed". Also the first time he saw the tractor he goes to my dad, "tractor dirty". Haha called out by a 2 yr old. So my dad had to wash it later so it was up to his grandson's standards!
 Wagon ride with "big lion". He then fed lion "french toast" (pieces of bark).

 the apple blossoms were gorgeus! You can see thatcher park in the distance...where Nulkie proposed to me :)

 I was drooling over all the lusious lilacs in bloom. Some day I will have my own!
Huggies for the 2 week old goat. It was so cutee.


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