Tuesday, August 30, 2011


 Gabe's version of the baby bjorn. Tiger was the alternative to baby sister. So the other day i was nursing Evie on the couch and Gabe came up to me and said, "Baby Sister's eatin' mommy's nipples". I don't know if that was a TMI but i found it hilarious. Then i explained to him that she's drinking milk...although it feels like she's eating them sometimes! On that note, Evie is a lil' chunker! I swear she gets heavier every day. And last night she slept 6 hrs straight!
 Look how big she already is! Slow down my little Chiquita!
This is my future. Fortunately right now Michael is there to push Gabe/ walk to the dogs. But this is how i plan to exercise my posse when I'm cleared for vigorous workouts!
Tonight we were watching kid's jeopardy. Michael rocks at kid's week. Make's us feel smart when we know all the answers and beat the 7 yr olds. Anyways one of the categories was dessert and the answer was Dairy queen. So guess where we ended up tonight after dinner? DQ to pick up some blizzards. Anywho Nulkie decides to try and give Gabe brain freeze. I don't know why he thinks these are good ideas...but he shoved spoonfuls of mint oreo into Gabe's mouth and sure enough he started to cry a few minutes later and said "head hurts, head hurts". What a nudge! I should stick the angry baby on Nulkie! Well that's all. I gotta go feed the beast!


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful mother,son and daughter ! Who's knee is in the pic.

Anonymous said...

It! Me Unc Ron

Kara W said...

Yay for sleep! I wouldn't let N sleep as long as he wanted between feedings till he was 5 weeks old because I was being paranoid about establishing my milk supply (somehow I was more worried about losing my milk supply this second time around, which makes no sense since I had an overabundance with Sammy!). I actually set my alarm and woke him every three hours to feed him! Seems ridiculous to me now! :) Once I did let him sleep till he actually wanted me he slept so well, I was like, "what was I thinking???". So glad you're being relaxed about it!

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