Friday, August 26, 2011

2 week stats

 Nulkie snuck on here before i had the chance and posted some new pics. Here are a few more plus an update:
Weight: 7 lbs 14 oz (she surpassed her birthweight by 9 oz)!
Length: 22 inches (this means she grew 1.5 inches in 2 weeks...which is ridiculous. we think someone messed up on the measurements somewhere...the pediatrician agreed)
Evie had failed the hearing test when she was 2 days old but passed yesterday. I guess the test has a high fail rate...especially if the baby is awake when you do the test. Anyways the re-test went fine. Overall Evie is doing awesome! She's nursing like a champ, sleeping pretty well and more alret every day. In fact she loves nursing SO much she'd try to feed every hour if i let her. Sometimes she just has to wait! Her sleep patterns are pretty random still-- some nights she'll go every 3 hrs on the dot or other nights she'll do a longer period (about 5 hrs) and then go 3 after that. I'm still trying to figure out this whole nursing thing and get in a good routine with Evie. When i bottle-fed Gabe i always knew how much he was gettting, so this is a bit trickier. But obviously she's eating plenty as she's growing rapidly! I wish she'd slow down a bit, i feel like she'll only be a tiny newborn for a few more days! She's barely fitting in her newborn clothes now but 0-3 month is a bit big on her, so she's kinda in-between. She has started smiling at us a bit which is the sweetest thing ever.
 Gabe's hanging in there. Michael's on paternity leave and he's a trooper about taking Gabe out to play so I can nap. I'm doing okay with the sleep deprivation but i do feel like the dark circles are taking over my face!

 She's sleeping the way Gabe slept here...with both arms up! So sweet. I love all the purple and pink floating around our house! It;s so fun having a little girl! This light pink blanket was my baby blanket :)

 My nurse calls headbands "brain-sqeezers". I love'm on Evie! She's so pretty! And she does love daddy! He's like the baby whisperer. He usually can calm her down when i can't. Right now they're napping together on the couch :)


Anonymous said...

Pulled out your baby book and there is a lot of resemblance between you and Evie. You has a little more hair and chubbier cheeks. Evie is a real cutie. We miss her already. NY DAD

Kara W said...

So glad she's thriving and you're all well! And YAY for nursing going so well, I'm so happy for you!

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