Monday, September 19, 2011

Colorado Springs

Hello world! So we made it to Ft. Carson! I highly recommend NOT moving 5 weeks postpartum with a newborn, 2.5 yr old and 2 dogs. Actually the travel went really well, but were all still pretty wiped! Evie did great, she ate about every 3 hrs and slept fairly well at night (in about 4 hr stretches) so I got some sleep. Gabe was a trooper and watched CHitty Chitty Bang Bang & Veggie tales pretty much nonstop on the road. We made it here Thursday afternoon and went directly to the housing office (after getting incorrect directions and two wrong buildings) where Michael went in and was given 3 options of on-post housing. We have been praying we would have the opportunity to live on post again since it means virtually no commute for Nulkie and it's very convenient for me. The first 2 options were available right away so we went and scoped out both of them. We were so excited they actually had houses available (we were #98 out of 108 on the wait list) but they both turned out to be DUMPS. The third option however, is gorgeous! Like i would buy it out of choice.  Brand new construction, quiet neighborhood with 3 playgrounds in walking distance, fenced in yard, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and an extra office space. Open floor plan so i can supervise the children while cooking dinner.  Totally awesome. The catch is it's not available for another 3 weeks. Well now 18 days, but whose counting? So were all living in a 1 bedroom suite at the Residence Inn for the next month until the house is ready. I keep telling myself, it's not that bad, women did this on the wagon train and in sod houses with no air conditioning, electricity or running water. So my nice hotel isn't too bad. Just a bit cramped. Overall were hanging in there and enjoying the beautiful vistas and weather!
Here's some pics so far...
 Gramps & Evie

 Talk about an awesome view! This is at the local park :)
 How many Nulks does it take to strap on the front pack...?
 Confusing? That's our baby on Brian and Brian's baby in Christina's belly. She's due end of October with their first child...a baby girl!
 The Nulk clan does Colorado Springs

 Happy Baby girl!

We just love Evie so much! She is such a sweet, cuddly baby! We are so blessed!


Kara W said...

I love Evie's smile! And you, madam, where did you keep that baby girl all those months?? You don't look like you were ever prego!

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