Thursday, September 29, 2011

7 weeks old!

 I'm 7 weeks old today! And i've been sleeping from 9-5!!!! Double thumbs up!!
 This is Evie stylin' her new hat from Nana. And yes, before you ask, I do have a matching one in my size. I plan to keep Nana in crocheting business as long as she's willing :)
 I love the sweet expression on Gabe's face here. He was SO excited to hold baby sister "by yourself" as he says about everything nowadays. Forgive that my focus is off...they were both squirming, my lighting wasn't great and i was afraid Gabe might drop Evie. But he did great.

 Double smiles! I might not make any $$ but I definitely make cute babies. Okay Michael can have some credit too...but only half.
 Look at that chunker! People think she's 3 months old...which incidentally is the size she wears right now. I have to stop going to the baby girl section in stores because it's a whole new world of baby temptation. Like-i-want-to-buy-every-cute outfit-i-see-plus-the-matching-accessories addiction. Not good.
Were doing fairly well as we wrap up 2 full weeks of living in a hotel. Living in a hotel might sound dreamy to some, but i cannot wait for our house. It's no breeze with hyperactive gabe plus fussy evie plus barking dogs. Neither is paying to do my laundry. Sometimes i'm ready to lose my mind. But so far no baby shaking, so we're doing okay. 1 week till our amazing glorious house on post is move-in ready. I plan to dance circles around it and drink champagne in celebration.
  I have been taking Gabe to the park almost everyday so he gets outside to burn off some energy. Yesterday we did the pool. All of these excursions require me to load Evie in the car seat and stick it in the stroller, carry the diaper bag and hold Gabe's hand while trying to get to the car without being run over. Naturally were in a location that's a big from the parking lot. Once were all loaded up and i'm sweating profusely, i'll usually have forgotten some important item (like water) and have to leave the kids in the car and go back to the room and get it. So far i haven't brought the dogs along because they pull too much on walks. Well today i decided to hit up the glorious dog park and bring the whole gang along. By myself. That's two babies and two dogs. I felt a little out numbered. Anywho we made it to the car in one piece and over to the park. Bella proceeded to start pooping right in the parking lot while Gabe chanted "bella do big, big poopies" at the top of his lungs. Then i asked him to hold the gate open so i could get the stroller (with evie) and the dogs into the park. He slammed it on us the first time, but got the idea the second time. Once inside i could let the dogs off leash to run around and we did a nice big loop. The only drama that happened was Winston being humped by a massively overweight yellow lab whose owner was MIA. I had to have some nice man help me yank the beast off Winston because boy was that dog persistent! Then Gabe was terrified of some pony-sized dog named Billy who stood about 1 foot taller than Gabe! But it all worked out. I do think i deserve some Mom-props for that excursion though. Half the ppl at the dog park looked at me like i was insane. 
   Well, Gabe's finally down for a nap and so is Evie so that's where I'm headed next.  Hope you all are having nice weeks. Michael has a 3 day weekend so were planning to do something in the mtns to see some fall color! Boo-yah!


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