Monday, November 14, 2011


 Sometimes tummy time is okay.
 Hot tub with a mountain view. The sr. nulk's backyard just got that much more exciting!!

 Bella enjoyed the fountain. Winston chewed up the rubber hose to their new sprinkler system and proceeded to throw up chunks of it for the next 3 nights. Lets just say he's not on my fav dog list right now.

 I may say "no" to everything else but i'm happy to hold baby sister!

 Evie's version of giving kisses.
 Yay Mom! I'm 3 months old today!

 resting her face on her jowels!
Enough pics Mom!

Well we just had a very nice visit in New Mexico! Now were back in Ft. Carson waiting (im)patiently for Michael to come home...we have about a week left but whose counting. Evie is just thriving. She's bringing her hands to her face and will grab burp cloths and suck on them. She's starting to giggle a bit too. We just love her to pieces! Now her brother...he's another story!We love him too..but he is certainly two that's for sure! He is affectionate, active and SASSY! His favorite word/answer/expression is "no". I pretty much tune it out since it's his only response. Although i think he does the same to me since i have to be the "no" police constantly and he doesn't listen. UGH. Anyhow we do have a lot of good times and the things he comes up with are hilarious. Hope you all are having nice a nice November!


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