Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Gabe is certainly kickin' my butt in this stage of life...terrible twos are no joke people. I never thought my 3 month old would be the easy one! BUT with the bad comes the good, cute, sweet and hilarious. I still catch glimpes of that sweet baby he used to be. Like yesterday when I went into to Gabe's room to get him up from his nap he says to me "I'm so glad you're here Mommy!" And then he repeated that to me about 4 times. Melt my heart!
Today was a high of 38 but it was sunny and not windy at all so I bundled up the baby and Gabe and headed over to Iron horse park. I made Gabe walk quite a bit before we made it to the actual playground area.We had to get our "cexercize". He picked up a stick was playing in the grassy area which he called the "garden". Once we made it over to the playground there were of course no other kids there. I'm always hoping there will be...Gabe is kinda bummed when there aren't. Well things were looking bleak for the first 10 mins until a mom and two little girls showed up...then another mom and daughter arrived! Gabe was thrilled. The one girl was 5, named Sophia and she LOVED Gabe. Ran right up to him. Their converstaions were freakin' hilarious. First Gabe sees her and yells to me "Wook mommy, dere's a wittle girl" which she proceeds to correct "no, i'm 5, i'm a big girl". Then Gabe points to me (I was standing with the stroller) and says, "that's baby sister, right dere (there)". She goes, "that person in the blue coat is your baby sister? She's big". Gabe says "that's mommy. that's mommy in blue coat". Then i tell him to tell her his name. "Gabe" Then he says, "i'm prodigcal son! I'm prodigal son!" The poor girl didn't know what to think so she just moved on to playing. I've been reading that story to him recently so i guess that's what he thinks he is or something. Later they were on the swings. Sophia kept pointing to the black dog with her mom saying "that's my dog, that's my dog". Gabe of course echos everything so he says back to her "that's my dog, that's my dog". "No, that's my dog, it's not your dog". "that's my dog!" "You shouldn't say that. It's my dog". Then he started saying "that's my swing. that's my swing". Well Sophia thought he was calling her dog a swing so she was none too pleased, "you shouldn't call my dog a swing. she's a dog. that's mean." Eventually i had to intervene because Gabe kept saying "that's my swing" repeatedly and Sophia was getting pretty ticked. But i guess she had fun enough because she threw a fit when it was time to go and said she'd be back every day to play with Gabe. He followed her around the whole playground and copied everything she did. It was pretty cute. I was SO blessed that little girl showed was pretty much a free play date for Gabe. No  I didn't get to befriend the mother...she was on her cell and her body language said "leave me alone" i stayed with Evie and supervised the kids.  It was still awesome. Anything that entertains Gabe and burns off some of his energy is win win for both of us.


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