Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cheers to 5 years!

Happy 5th Anniversary to my love! He sent me the most magnificent bouquet of flowers! He was very intentional in selecting a bouquet with peach roses and white calla lilies- very similar to another bouquet i held 5 years ago! They are so beautiful, the whole family is enjoying them! Thanks Hotstuff! He also surprised me with a  gift certificate to a spa so i'm verrry much looking forward to using that! He and my mom were sneaky and coordinated that for me :) 
 Uncle Bill came for a visit. Gabe latched on to him right away. Gabe asked Bill, "do you have a little boy" "No i'm a professional uncle". And that he is! Gabe had a great time! We all did!

 Gabe found a caterpillar with Grandma in the backyard

 I may have been shopping today and found a cowboy hat for Evie!
 Evie is officially crawling forward now. And any day now she'll be pulling herself up on the furniture. She's constantly on the move and babbling. She's such a fun age right now, so full of wonder and joy!
 Aren't these the most amazing flowers? He did good!
 Gabe eating corn off the cob. A man after my own heart!
So that was our weekend so far.  I missed Nulkie's morning phone call and was super disappointed. I literally carry my phone everywhere, but for once i didn't bring it into the bathroom with me and lo and be hold he calls then! I was super bummed out, but he was sweet and called again later in the day! Love that man! Obviously we miss each other a lot but were hanging in there. Gabe & Evie keep me hopping- and the S3 shop is keeping Nulkie super busy!  I can't believe it's been 5 years already...can't wait for the next five! We are truly blessed. Stay safe Husband!


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