Sunday, June 3, 2012


 Eating Fettuccine Alfredo ala Uncle Wesdawg. She was in heaven! many noodles can i shove in my mouth?
 This is what Gabe wore to pick up "Aunt TZ" from the airport. Eat your heart out baby gap!
 I think we should get Nulkie a matching hat!
Grandpa on duty
 Aunt TZ is the baby whisperer!

 Gabe said to Daddy on skype, "I'm gonna pway with my best friend Greg". Haha
 Aunt TZ helped with Evie while i went to a wedding ceremony with my Mom.

 Lookin' sharp for the reception
Uncle Greg & Aunt TZ are the best! See ya in August!
 Apparently i didn't get the memo to dress snazzy!
 Hanging out on the deck

 Look at those teeth! See the top two busting through?

Standing up is my favorite!


Anonymous said...

Teeth! thanks for the great pictures wifey. Ya'll look wonderful :) LYLC, Nulkie

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