Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tucson Living

Well here we are folks, living in Southern Arizona. I'll be honest it still feels pretty surreal. We had barely settled in Texas, so this rapid (surprising) move is leaving me a bit unsettled. Or maybe it's the scorpion I nearly stepped on last night and had to suck up with the vacuum, whilst in my pajamas. Could be either.

    Today is the first day of school for the big kids plus Evie's fifth birthday. It was pretty much an epic fail of a drop-off. I thought things had started out well- kids were up early and dressed, and I managed to I surprise Evie with a new outfit for her birthday. Everybody ate a good breakfast and brushed their teeth (these are a big deal people) so it was looking good. We had a minor hiccup with Evie's lunchbox zipper breaking, but we made it work. I snapped some fun pics--then we got to school. Or I should say we attempted to get in the parking lot of the school. Now granted, I was warned the parking/drop off situation is nuts there and I thought I was being conservative arriving 10 mins early. Plus parking has been crazy at all 3 of Gabe's previous schools, so I thought I could handle it. WRONG. This was like the school was giving out free iPhones bad. We circled around twice looking for parking. Meanwhile Gabe & Evie were getting upset that they would be late. One of the crossing guards was redirecting people to the handicapped/ faculty lot and literally stopped allowing cars to park there just when I pulled up. In an effort to not have my kids late on their first day, I told Gabe to walk Evie to class and then go to his. They both assured me they would be fine walking in on their own. Of course internally I felt AWLFUL. Not escorting my kids to class at a new school on their first day? Horrible. So off they scurried out of the van. Alone. Not knowing anybody.  As the surges of Mom-guilt were rapidly approaching tears status, miraculously someone pulled out of a parking spot and I went crazy New Yorker in a mini-van mom and GRABBED THAT SUCKER. I am SO glad I did. Side note, if your 5 and 7 yr olds tell you they're fine (on day one of new school) just go check on them. Again, I'm so happy I did. Sweet Evie was standing awkwardly by herself out front of her classroom with her backpack. There was a sign with various instructions, but since she can't read yet and there was a mob of stressed-out kindergarten parents there, she didn't know what to do.  She was very relieved when I helped her put her lunchbox, snacks, and water bottle in the correct bins and helped her find her table. After that she was all smiles and had no problem separating from me. She practically shoved me out the door!
 Next I headed to Gabe's class with my giant-man-sized baby. Poor Gabe wasn't doing too well. I could see it all over his face. His daily folder was missing (I have no clue where it is and yes I bought one. A green one. And sharpied his name on it) and he didn't know what his snack was. Gabe has trouble with change- once he learns the routine he's great- but the initial start is scary for him. Same with me come to think of it. Plus he's had to change 5 schools in 4 years. That's rough on the most outgoing of kids. Anyways, I tried my best to calm him down while keeping Wyatt from stealing all the glue sticks. Then I totally creeped on him through a secluded window where he couldn't see me. I think he was doing better. Ughhhhhh. I am very excited to go get them and hopefully things improved throughout the day.  It's just funny, I'm usually very veryyyy chill about dropping my kids off at school. I don't get all weepy, in fact I'm usually euphoric- and the kids are too! Tomorrow will be better. And you'd better believe I'll be giving them ice cream after school. And we'll be picking out a new folder and lunch box :)

On a less frazzled note, yay Evie is 5 years old! I'm so excited she is! She's such a social butterfly, she's been dying for Kindergarten. We're just crazy about her. When she's not shoving small objects up her nose (true story) or agressively mothering Wyatt- she truly is a delight. She's sweet, and nurturing. There are baby dolls all over the house with swaddles and bottles and diapers scattered nearby. She loves to help and is always clamoring for another chore. She likes to help Gabe with his chores now and wants to do as many as he does (competitive much?) and is unhappy when she can't. She's learning sight words and is so close to reading. I know she can't wait to read books to herself. She's a total fish in the pool and very coordinated. She's always wandering around in a princess dress on tiptoes and with some type of headband on. We call her our "sheepdog" because she likes to check on what everyone else is doing, and maybe sometimes (always) tell people how they should be doing their job. I don't who she's like at all. :) She loves to sing and dance! As soon as I put music on, she's singing along and asks me to turn it up. She doesn't like being left out and she's always trying to play with Gabe or Wyatt. Usually with Gabe she ends up screaming or with Wyatt he ends up screaming, but sometimes there's a blissful few minutes where they are playing nice together. You can always tell when Evie is hungry/tired (HANGRY) because she starts being pretty sassy and or over-melodramatic. "Evie, can you please throw out your napkin?" **Proceeds to throw herself on the floor with weeping and gnashing of teeth***. That's when we know it's snack time or nap time. Or both hopefully. We joke that every dinner is practice for her future academy award. We just love her so so so much. So thankful to be blessed with her! We'll be celebrating her birthday tomorrow after Daddy gets home from work.



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