Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wyatt is two

This little buddy (giant man-child) is now 2! He's doing great. I would never want to miss an opportunity to blog about a milestone- so I'll give you the latest and greatest on WyWy. 

He looks so broken up about his older siblings away at school right? No. In fact, his favorite pastime is opening the doors to their rooms and shop-lifintg any and all things he can grasp in his skinny sticky fingers. I find him sitting innocently at Gabe's desk with his feet dangling, playing legos (aka destroying Gabe's masterpieces) and snitching any lego-men with hats.
 In Evie's room he goes directly for the dollhouse every.single.time. It's his crack/cocaine addiction in our house. Must play with dollhouse, must steal all parts and run screaming. You can imagine his benevolent big sister is so pleased with this development. 
Grocery shopping is another fun activity with Wyatt. Smug me thought that shopping would get real easy with just one kiddo at the store with me. False. This cutieface likes to scream like a banshee and then laugh about it like a maniac. When he's not doing that, he's grabbing things off the aisles with his bald-eagle wing span, or removing items from the back of the cart and practicing his curve ball. And yet he somehow how always charms the cashiers into giving him loads of free stickers. Love this nut. 

He's also starting to talk a lot. In fact today at school drop off he said to Gabe, "Bye-bye Gabee, wove you". Heart melted. He likes to say "Git down play" when he's done and loves to yell Mommyyyyyy all day. It's like we play a dry version of Marco Polo, only it's Wyatt Mommy. If I go anywhere out of eyesight, as soon as he realizes it he starts calling MOMMY and follows my voice as I call WYATT. He's so ridiculously proud when he's found me :). 

 We finally setup his room. I went with a primary color theme to match existing bedding and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

 Whenever were going anywhere he brings you his shoes as if this seals the deal that he gets to tag along. He can open the front and back door now, and he'll casually just leave our house barefoot and in a diaper if the door is left unlocked. I'm half expecting/concerned about him escaping and running directly into a cactus. We need to work on better house security.

 Recyled bedding, bed,  and stuffed animals all from Gabe. Younger brother perks! The three prints on the wall are new and I'm kinda in love.
 Wyatt was a little unsure of his "big boy bed" initially. We had him on a mattress on the floor for about a month prior so he was used to a twin size. So far he hasn't fallen out of the bed so were calling it a win. Aside from him waking at ungodly hours each morning, he naps and goes to bed just fine.
Upcylcing alert: the car/train shelf. This was actually a silverware organizer that didn't work in our kitchen drawers. I asked Michael to screw it into the wall and viola! A shelf for Wyatt! He loves it....takes everything out and puts it back in a few times a day. Did I just rock your world? Maybe not. But i'm pretty pleased with it. Next time you have an extra silver-ware organizer, (as we all usually have loads of) just re-think tossing it :).

I'm not a big birthday-party person for my kids, but we always do something special with family. The Bunkas' visit happened to be the same weekend of Wyatt's birthday so we had a little party with them.
 These are supposed to be frogs. Or weird green monsters with tongues sticking out. Whatevs. They're gluten free (for Evie's benefit) and delish.
 Wyatt's all, "you want me to eat this?" Hmmmmmm
Alright Mom, ya got me. I'll eat off all the frosting. twist my arm. 
Coming from the child that cries when you give him ice cream and says "owww too hot", I didn't expect him to dive into his cupcake....but he warmed up to it. 

Construction vehicles were the name of the game for this birthday boy. I'm hoping to let him use them in our big gravel driveway when the weather cools off. The Bunkas gave him this little plush frog and Meg said "this will totally be his favorite toy" and she was right. Stinker!  He calls it "Ribbet" and sleeps with it every night. Gabe & Evie are enjoying all of Wyatt's birthday loot much to Wywy's unhappiness, and Gabe keeps reminding us that his birthday is next. In January. No sibling rivalry/jealousy at all in this family folks. None. 

To wrap this up: Wyatt's 2 yr stats are in. Good news, he's still big for a three year old. He's 35.4 lbs and 40 inches tall and 99th percentile. He's doing all the things 2 yr olds should do, including screaming and thrashing like a cat being bathed during his shots :(. He didn't even like the spiderman bandaids- he ripped them off himself. But we LOVE our new pediatrician. It's weird, but I always feel more settled in a new place when I start to get my (our) doctors lined up. Just makes me feel better. 
Wyatt's a great little dude, Mike & I both love how snuggly and affectionate he is. He's always wanting to snuggle and read a book or give kisses goodnight. He's our little smoochy-face :). 


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