Monday, October 10, 2016

Cub Scout Camp Out Last Weekend

 Remember in my last post I mentioned Mike was gone all week? Well he arrived home around 11pm Friday night just in time to crash and get up at 645 (thanks WyWy) and pack most of us up for the Cub Scout family camp out. No rest for the weary when you have school age kids with activities.
 There's a tacit agreement between Nulkie & I that he's in charge of all camping gear. He's basically just happy to get me out camping at he gets to pack, load, set up and break camp. I know I sound SO helpful, but I did bake cookies. And (poorly) pack clothing for the kids and I. I don't have many memories of camping as a child becasue we had a cabin with ya know, running water and beds. Such Excess! So this camping in a tent with only vault toilets (gross) business is a little out of my needy comfort zone.
  Uncle Wesdawg kindly watched Wyatt for us. THANKS UNCLE WESDAWG! They both did great. It was a little rough at first-little man KNEW he was left behind and that was NOT cool with him. But Uncle Wes managed to calm him down and they had a nice boys weekend together. Wyatt even dropped a bomb on his Uncle 20 mins before we got home. Well played WY-man, well played!

This morning Wyatt's asked "I pick ya up. I pick ya up" no less than 20 times, so suffice to say he missed us :).
 The camp out was on Mt. Lemmon- about a 50 minute ride from our house. Once you drive above 4,000 feet the saguaros stop and up start popping Ponderosa pines! It's starts looking very Colorado-esqe which makes this girl real happy. It was gorgeous weather: Crisp, clear and cool! Remember how I packed poorly? Well us Tucson wimps were freezing most of the camp out. I forgot to pack hats, gloves and fleeces. But we managed because Nulkie packed blankets and zero degree sleeping bags. Yes, I want my sleeping bag to keep me warm in either Arizona or Base Camp of Everest. Side Note: I just read Into Thin Air and watched the movie Everest. Both are crazy, tragic and incredible accounts. While I enjoyed the scenery, you seriously could not pay me enough to climb Everest.
 Back to the Campout: Once everyone was set up, there were organized games & activities for the Cub scouts. Mike got to supervise the 4 Wolf Cubs who came and I mainly supervised Evie. You can guess who had an easier job. Actually Evie only got one fat lip, so we'll call it good. She was very pleased to be an honorary wolf cub, and she had noooo problem tagging along (and bossing) all the boys. Above they're searching for and collecting peanuts. Gabe's group could only make Cow noises to communicate. Naturally their group won with the most nuts collected.
 Mike had the boys help count by dividing up the peanuts in groups of 5.
 Four of the current Wolf Den :)

 Single Rope Bridge. After helping Evie do it one time across, she did it again 2 more times by herself. Kindergarten crossfit!
Gabe's gang got to do the rope bridge too. He did great!

I wrote this post a week ago, and I'm only now getting around to publishing it. Yay for constant distractions. Anyway, the campout was very fun. Aside from getting very little sleep (Evie talks in her sleep, Mike snores and I'm a light sleeper) it was pretty easy peasy. Mike was able to set up camp and break down camp in about 30 mins flat. Our big kids were thrilled to be outside playing in dirt and trees. If there was a coffee bar & fresh doughnuts when we all woke up at 5 am, it would've been perfect.  At any rate, if you want your nearly 8 yr old to take a nap, just go camping. We ALL crashed Sunday and Gabe slept 3 hrs that afternoon. Camping makes me feel like a hot shower is the most divine luxury. Anyhow, happy camping or glamping this fall my friends!


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