Monday, October 17, 2016


1. I'm LOVING Mike's work schedule. I can actually go for a run WITH NO STROLLER before he goes to work. With this view: Sunrise over the Catalinas. The temps were in the low sixties (delight), I come home to freshly ground coffee (thank's Nulkie) and no tarantulas were encountered. Winning.
2. Gabe and Evie were solid sleepers. In fact Gabe would sleep till 730 or 8 and Evie always slept past 7. Wyatt has decided to shake this blissful schedule up with a 6am daily wake up for some drowsy one on one time with Mom & Dad all to his little toddler self. This is what is actually looks like: 
Thank you Daniel Tiger for allowing me to shower and put my contacts in. They say absolutely no screen time till the age of 2, so good deal he turned 2 in August. Were probably just enabling this obscene wake up time to continue, but meh...third child. 
I finally broke down and bought some pumpkins. I really need (want) some hay bales and mums for my complete fall look, but I'm pretty excited about the ristras and pops of orange. It's no secret that fall is my absolute favorite season. I've been baking pumpkiny things and making soups because whatever Tucson with your 90-degree week. In fact, I made this corn chowder that Gabe literally inhaled. He was all "what's corn chowder? gross". Then he discovered it had bacon, potatoes and corn in it and ate half the pot. Lord help us (and send food) when he's 16. Evie was a not so sufferer in silence and had to go to bed with no dessert. But when I can get 4/5 liking the dinner I make, boom. That's another win. 

4. Aunt Carolyn & Uncle Ron visited! Hurray! 
This was a quick delightful visit last weekend. Aunt Carolyn is so patient with our kids and spent quality one on one time with each child which filled their little love tanks right up.
Uncle Ron passed on some old fly fishing equipment to us, so now Mike's been googling "fly fishing in Arizona" and were excited to go try it out! Thanks for the sweet visit and all the generous encouraging words. 
 5. Wyatt is rocking at Physical Therapy! I actually took him to a second orthopedist for another assessment and opinion. This new doctor was WONDERFUL. Basically like a Mr. Rodgers Does Pediatric Orthopedics. He was very encouraging about Wyatt: he thinks over time (he's had about 6 patients like wyatt) Wyatt's legs will straighten out on their own. He doesn't recommend nighttime braces (hallelujah) and wants to continue Physical Therapy for awhile. At PT Wyatt is working on correct posture, stretching and strengthening his legs and manipulating his body. His therapist is thrilled with his progress.
 6. Gabe & Evie's school ends at 3pm daily EXCEPT on Thursdays when they release early at 1:15 (I think). If you don't want to have to wake up your napping toddler every Thursday, you have the option to sign up your kids in one of the various clubs. You don't have the option to not pay for the club though. LAME. Any who, me being the sweet nap-obsessed scheduler that I am, opted to put Gabe & Evie in clubs rather than ruin Wyatt's nap. Gabe did "Crazy Critters" and Evie (since we last-minute put her in full-day kinder) got "Capioera". So each Thursday Gabe would get to meet and learn about some interesting animals, and Evie would learn, ya know, afro-brazilian martial dancing moves. No biggie. Apparently she really got into it because at the second to last class her instructor told me she volunteered for the Capiorea show that Saturday at the Tucson Meet Yourself Festival downtown. At first I was like What? But I got the instructors card and took Evie to the rehearsal Friday night in downtown Tucson. We arrived at rehearsal and Evie was convinced other kids from her class would be there. None showed. She was the youngest by 5 years and the second girl. I give her credit, she was a little shy at first, but then she got in there. I think the instructor was so thrilled I let her come and participate. And I may be biased, but she was the cutest little thing ever at the show!
You can see little Evie in her bright coral pants. Everyone else was over the age of 10.

 7. This is how we watched the debate. Just terrible.
 8. Fall break: 90s, sunny, pool was "too cold" for the kids. I might have thrown the whining kindergartner in much to her dismay. Her reaction of screaming like there was great white shark in the pool made me want to chuck her in a second time. Oh and whose idea was it to swim in the first place? Yeah. Drama drama drama.
Gabe throwing leaves. Actually tiny little green leaves from the bush above.  What's a bro gotta do to get some decent leaves? Move where there are trees. 
 9. To add to the fun of summer I mean fall break, Winston decided to have diarrhea in Evie's white and gray shag rug. Literally he could've gone ANYWHERE ELSE. The house is WALL TO WALL TILE. Do you feel my passion about this? After numerous soaps and DIY treatments I think I got the stain/smell out. Bad Winston. Bad dog. Don't think I won't put you back on craigslist! Calm down everyone, that was one time.
10. I saved the best news for last. And by best I mean worst. Remember above where I mentioned Wyatt shaking up the sleeping past seven bliss like his older siblings? Well he also decided to absolutely NOT follow in their potty-training footsteps either. SIGH. No triple crown of potty training for me. It went so bad I ordered a new book. Wyatt was terrified of the whole process and pretty much wouldn't eat or drink over the course of 48 hrs while we attempted potty training boot camp. "Wyatt do you want to go in the potty"? "NOOOOO. Diapers? Diapers?". That pretty much sums up our weekend. Weeping and gnashing of teeth. So we'll  be taking a little time out and restart the whole process after I read my new book and buy a few cases of wine. 
Sun's out Buns out. Annnnddd he'd still rather be in a diaper. 
post potty training snuggles
While I was in the literal and metaphoric trenches of potty training, Mike decided to "help" by taking the older two kids on a hike in Sabino Canyon. They were gone for 4 hrs. 

It was actually a good thing he got the older two out of the house so I could focus on Wy-man (and not losing my mind). The three of them had a great time, and even got to wade in a "peaceful stream". 

 Gabe made star wars characters out of pipe cleaners. Can you tell who they are? I think they're pretty neat. He added C-3PO, R2D2 and Princess Leia after these guys and brought them to school to sell for "dino dollars". He made $6 today, so he's doing pretty well. He's saving up to $100 Dino dollars so he can cash in for a "desk pet". Apparently that's a thing now. He's at $72 so he's getting close. He wants me to take him to a craft store so he can buy all colors of pipe cleaners and take custom orders from his friends at school. His teacher already "ordered" a Jabba the Hut so he's been working on that this afternoon. Our lil entrepreneur.
 Nulkie left for a business trip Sunday morning, so Gabe, Evie & I had craft time after church. Evie made the doe, I made the raccoon and Gabe made the Snowy owl all by himself. I also made the pipe cleaner chile ristra for Nulkie. #Thatslove

Uncle Wesdawg came over Sunday afternoon to do his laundry slash hang out and watch football. I was telling him how I'd still yet to take a walk at Sabino Canyon, and he was all "lets go right now"! Boom, so we loaded up the bat mobile and rolled out hot. It was beautiful, and a tad bit buggy.  

Alright that's all I got. Have a good week! 


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