Monday, July 13, 2009

Gramp's 80th bday bash

Happy 80th Gramps! This Sunday we celebrated my Grandpa Schaeffler's 80th. It was a such a nice party, about sixty-some people showed up! Above is a pic of Gramps back in his younger days (i think twenties) on his Indian chief. Everyone enjoyed meeting little Gabers and so many people asked about Michael and how he was doing. It was a very fun weekend! And [hopefully] 30 days till we see Michael!!!! August needs to hurry up and get here!!

Here they are, married 54 years!

The future sisters! We didn't actually plan to match! Below are the studly men and a group shot of the whole fam (missing Michaels).

Here is my grandparents with their two kids. Below is the four generations shot- gabe, me, mom and gramps

Gabe looks like he's about to dive into that cake. He would've loved to get his hands on that frosting!

This is my cuz John and I. I dont think we've had a pic taken together since I visited oregon over 5 years ago!

Ah, the newly engaged couple, Greg & TZ (aka Chantal)

My parents dressed separately and ended up matching. You'd think they'd been married 30some years or something!

We missed you a lot Michaels. 30 days! Love ya mucho mucho mucho, keep safe!!- wifey


Anonymous said...

t-minus 25 days and counting.
The party looked like a blast. I'm not suprised by Gabe's yearning for the cake. he will be a monster! haha. He's got the nulk blood in him for sure. you look great babe. you've worn out that white dress now though...aren't you only allowed to wear the same dress to one other occasion? oh well, we're in the military...too bad. Thanks for you pics...happy bday to gramps. 80 years is a long time.
Love you lots,

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