Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cabin Time!

This past 10 days Gabers and I have been up at the cabin with the fam just relaxing and obviously enjoying dad's pimp new boat...i.e. the caddy on the water! It's totally amazing, pops my dad up on skis instantly! Can't wait to see Michael attempting to single ski from it...:) Gabe loved the boat and below is the cutest pic ever of him standing by himself on the seat. You can all see what a strapping baby he's become!

Helping Gramps drive the boat. Apparently Gabe was not happy about this!

Wes and my dad alternately carried Gabe up Mt. Severance. He enjoyed the hike immensely and didn't even break a sweat. We can't say the same for Uncle Wesdawg...Gabe is no light load to lug around. It's nice to have pack horses available to do all the heavy lifting...thanks wes/dad!

Gabe was petting Winsty and decided to take a break and use him as a pillow, Winsty handled it pretty well. Gabe is starting to pull at the dogs ears if he can get a good grab opportunity. so far the dogs don't seem the mind.

Here's a cool painted turtle in the Wild Center. This place was amazing. It's one of the most beautifully built museums I've ever been to- the architecture was phenomenal as you can see. The designer intentionally built it level with the pond so when you were in the building the pond was eye level. It was a very fun experience...Gabe even enjoyed it and joyfully deposited a "package" at the end! Fabulous! I'm def. taking Mike back here over r & r if we have a rainy day.

New boat!

This is what happened the first time we climbed mt. severance. Gabe didn't enjoy riding in the backpack so he started crying..and it escalated to a total fit so my dad actually carried him by hand to the top! He even fell asleep in his arms and took a solid 20 min nap at the top of the mtn! He did much better the second time around in the baby bjorn. We think maybe he;s still too little for the pack, although you'd never guess that by the size of this beast!!

And the best news.....12 days till Michael starts his trip back!!!! We are sooo freaking excited!!! Can you imagine how different Gabe will look to Mike? He has tripled in weight and added almost 8 inches in length! It's going to be so amazing to see them together again...i know Gabe will adore his daddy :) We love you Micheal!


Anonymous said...

wow, he's holding himself up! that's awesome gabe! i'm blessed to have a healthy family, you guys look so relaxed and enjoying life. can't wait to see you guys and climb a few peaks ourselves! i'll carry the little man no worries there. love you muchisimo, hubby.

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